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How to protect your timber in winter

Timber in winter garden

Winter has the worst combination of conditions for timbers, whether it is fencing, decking, or furniture. The rain, sleet and snow bring a lot of moisture.

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Prepare your fencing for the winter

Strong fence ready for winter

As the weather continues to be unpredictable, it is important to ensure that your fencing is prepared to withstand the winter season. Find out the best ways to prepare your fencing for winter.

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How to protect your decking in winter

Protected decking in winter

As the seasons continue to change and we progress into the winter and the colder weather, we must ensure that our decking is protected from any negative weather.

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Is your fence post ready for winter

Painting fence ready for winter

At Hillsborough Fencing we provide an extensive range of high-quality fence products. Whether it is traditional, Euro, paling, border panels, diamond lattices or trellis, we have what you need to create the perfect fences.

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