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How to keep your garden secure 24/7

Secure Garden

Regardless if you’ve just bought a new home, or owned your home for a while, home security is an important factor in where you live. As you want to stay secure and ensure security for your family, especially without reducing the style of your house

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10 garden design trends for 2022

The top garden deck trends

All our trends come from experts who’ve seen what has worked well in garden design over the past few years, so they’re great ideas for your own garden, no matter what shape or size it is. 

Try them out and make your home an even more welcoming space!

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How to enhance your garden trellis

Garden trellis for your garden

Whether it is for extra decoration or privacy, the garden trellis is a great piece of versatile fencing to be used in your garden.

Read more to find out how you can enhance your garden with a trellis.

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5 of the best garden trends you need

Top Garden Trends

As new design styles and ideas for our outdoor spaces become popular, and we’re ready to turn them into a stylish extensions of our homes. These are the top garden trends to add more creativity to your home.

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Garden arches for your summer wedding

Garden Arches

The summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Sunshine, refreshing drinks and a warm climate all make for the perfect day spent in the open air and celebrating a wonderful occasion. Here at Hillsborough, we're big fans of backyard weddings and think that the effort you put into your garden could make a beautiful backdrop for your special day

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