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BUSTED Railway Sleeper Myths.

Railway Sleepers as stairs

Railway sleepers are versatile and helpful in the design and development of your garden, making great outdoor furniture, foundations for patio and decking areas, and being adaptable for use indoors.

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Build Your Own Sleeper Table System

Sleeper Table System in use

With a few simple tools and some patience, you can create your own sleeper table system from scratch. In this article, we will guide you through the process and provide tips on how to make it successful.

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Be creative with your garden sleepers

Creative Garden Sleepers

Railway sleepers are becoming increasingly more prevalent as more people start landscaping their gardens prepared for the summer. Many people are moving into new homes and have been left with a very simple and dull garden. Others are finding that their existing garden is becoming very tedious.


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5 Ideas For using garden sleepers

Garden Sleepers in Garden

For your garden, there are so many great ways to use them to improve your garden’s aesthetics. With the benefits of sleepers, read to find out 5 ideas for using sleepers.

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Sleepers designs for your garden

Sleepers garden furniutre

Using sleepers can be a creative way to create new furniture, walkways and water features, all for your garden. Even though sleepers are simple materials, they have an unlimited number of uses. When carrying out DIY in your garden, it is best to use a mixture of new and reclaimed sleepers.


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Modern ways to use sleepers at home

Moddern Sleepers inside

We’ve noticed that in the past decade trends have repeated themselves in regard to everything; fashion, interior design, colour, food etc. In the 50s and 60s wood panelling was all the rage, but quickly fell out of fashion in later decades and was replaced with bright, vibrant coloured wallpaper. But like we said, trends repeat themselves – meaning wood panelling is back! 

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How to care for your garden sleepers

Garden Sleepers in raised bed

As we mentioned in previous articles railway sleepers can be used for a wide array of different outdoor applications. Surprisingly untreated ones may also be placed indoors, serving as furnishings such as benches and tables, stair treads, shelving, and even a mantelpiece.

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Why you need sleepers in your garden

Railway Sleepers for a raised bed

For nearly three decades, our company has been producing and selling high-performance garden and fending merchandise. Perhaps some of the most popular products in our collection however are the M-Track railway sleepers.

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Why quality is vital in sleepers

M-Track Sleeper from Hillsborough Fencing

Railway sleepers are surprisingly versatile and can be used for a wide array of different landscaping and gardening projects. They come in a selection of timbers, finishes, and sizes, allowing property owners and landscapers to be creative when using them. The one thing to always keep in mind though is that the success of a project and its longevity comes down to the sleeper quality.

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Amazing Uses for railway sleepers

Hillsborough Fencing railway Sleepers

Did you know Hillsborough Fencing offer both new and reclaimed railway sleepers? They’re great for building all sorts of garden centrepieces, and can even be used for furniture inside the home as well. They look great, being large, sturdy timber, and they’re really made to last.

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