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Top 6 Garden Gate Ideas

Garden gates

We've rounded up six of the newest design trends for 2023  for you to browse through and bring into your garden plans this year. 

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How to protect your timber in winter

Winter Garden

Winter has the worst combination of conditions for timbers, whether it is fencing, decking, or furniture. The rain, sleet and snow bring a lot of moisture.

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How to choose the best Christmas tree

Choosing Your Own Xmas Tree | Hillborough Fencing

Traditions are probably the best part of Christmas. They’re one of the things we remember forever and usually carry on with our own children – or memories we will treasure for life!

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Top-secret winter gardening tips

garden growing brown and dark plants

We’ve come up with a few alternative uses for your winter garden to ensure that you continue to get the most out of the gardening efforts that are prevalent – even in the winter months.

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How to keep your home warm in winter

winter chill

We’re already feeling the chill, and we’re (dare we say it) excited to ditch the nights out and lean towards more nights in with a hot homemade meal and enough hot drinks to last us until spring…

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How to prepare your garden for spring

Garden been swept by a rake

Now that the summer is coming to end it's time to start preparing your garden for those cold winter nights. As we enter Autumn we will begin to see the leaves fall from trees and this is when your decking and fencing are at their most vulnerable state.

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How to keep your garden secure 24/7

Secure Garden

Regardless if you’ve just bought a new home, or owned your home for a while, home security is an important factor in where you live. As you want to stay secure and ensure security for your family, especially without reducing the style of your house

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Timber is the material of the future

timber stacks

Timber is becoming one of the materials of the future. With more and more projects being built of timber it is clear to see why more designers are choosing timber.

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The best garden landscaping ideas

Fully designed Garden

Landscaping your outdoor space can be a creative and rewarding process. However, it will take a lot of hard work and long days if you want to make your dream a reality. 


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Solving all your garden problems

Plant growing in the Sun

A garden is one of the most important aspects of your lifestyle. They provide a means of growing your own food which gives is quite a rewarding activity. However, you might not be blessed with a green thumb and can find yourselves struggling to keep your food alive.

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How to build the perfect decking

Planning new deck

Building a deck is a straightforward project and the perfect starting point if you're new to carpentry. 

 There are several steps you need to take before you even start the build. In this blog, we talk about all the steps you need to take from planning to the finished project. 


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Essential accessories for your garden

Garden accessories

Fencing accessories are an essential part of purchasing a new fence, There are many accessories you can add to your fence that will make your fence look a lot better, and last longer, with support from some fencing accessories.  

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5 contemporary garden decking trends

Living outdoors

Ever since decking became popular homeowners realized their garden could be an extension of their original indoor living space. 

Since then, outdoor living has continued to evolve thanks to different trends. Everyone has spent more time in their garden recently and with summer fast approaching more people will begin to build or replace their existing decking. 

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Why fence posts are essential

DuraPost fence

When it comes to deciding on a new fence for your garden, it's never easy to choose the right fence post for the job. There are many positives and negatives to be taken into account before making a purchase.  

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