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8 of the UK's Best Winter Walks

Winter Walks

It’s only natural to want to be indoors next to a warm fire when winter strikes, but you’re missing out on all the beautiful sights of nature! In the UK, some walks and views are best enjoyed in winter with the glistening frost on the ground and crisp air nipping your nose.

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Versatile Sleepers

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

There are so many different ways to use sleepers in the garden, and it doesn’t just have to be steps or a firepit! Sleepers are an extremely versatile material, indoors and out... Take a look for yourself.

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Preparing for the First Frost

Preparing for the First Frost Hillsborough Fencing

Don’t get caught off guard by the first frost of Autumn!

With the first frost hitting the UK, on average, every year at the end of October – beginning of November, we know we have a window of opportunity to protect our plants before the frost strikes.

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Reclaimed Sleepers: Architecture

Reclaimed Sleepers - Architecture

Architecture with sleepers can be astounding – the small details, the curves, the edges, it all looks so perfectly put together and thought out!

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Picturesque Balconies

Picturesque Balconies

This may come as a surprise, but you are not obliged to buy uncomfortable patio furniture for your balcony! There are so many options… You can completely transform your balcony and turn it into and place you want to be!

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Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

Hillsborough Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

We’ve noticed that in the past decade trends have repeated themselves in regards to everything; fashion, interior design, colour, food etc. In the 50s and 60s wood panelling was all the rage, but quickly fell out of fashion in later decades and was replaced with bright, vibrant coloured wallpaper. But like we said, trends repeat themselves – meaning wood panelling is back! 

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August Garden Touch Ups

Hillsborough Garden Touch Ups

During this long hot summer, with no signs of the sun leaving us any time soon, you may need to spruce things up in your garden. We have just entered August, the month notorious for hot weather and garden parties, so you need to make sure your garden is on top form for any events you have planned – whether it be a family day or a full-blown garden party.

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How To: Fix a Fence Post

Hillsborough How To Fix a Fence Post

The elements can be harsh. We’ve all woken up one morning after a particularly stormy night to the fence scattered across the garden. Save yourself from paying for a whole new fence and repair the one you have… or used to have.

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Painting Your Exterior

Hillsborough Painting Your Exterior

Bring colour, style and character to your garden by painting your garden furniture and features! You don’t have to break the bank to have a lovely garden, sometimes a de-weed and a lick of paint can take your garden from blah to ta-dah!

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Benefits of Growing Your Own

AO Home Benefits of Growing Your Own

It’s National Healthy Eating Week! We know healthy eating can seem like an expensive, boring habit, but there are plenty of ways around this and eating fresh has LOADS of benefits!

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