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Composite Fencing: Is It Right For Your Garden?

Composite Fencing perfect for your garden

Composite fencing is the modern fencing solution that is designed to be used for any outdoor space, with its modular structure and component-based installation.

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BUSTED Railway Sleeper Myths.

Railway Sleepers as stairs

Railway sleepers are versatile and helpful in the design and development of your garden, making great outdoor furniture, foundations for patio and decking areas, and being adaptable for use indoors.

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Keep Your Decking Looking Its Best

Timber Decking looking it's best

A well-maintained deck can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and provide a comfortable area for relaxation and entertainment. 

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How to lay a decking from scratch

Decking Patio with sunbeds

From planning and preparation to material selection, excavation, and installation, we'll cover all the essential steps to ensure a successful patio project that will stand the test of time.

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Build Your Own Sleeper Table System

Sleeper Table System in use

With a few simple tools and some patience, you can create your own sleeper table system from scratch. In this article, we will guide you through the process and provide tips on how to make it successful.

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Decking Balustrades: A Step-by-Step Guide

Decking with all family funriutre

Decking balustrades are a popular and stylish addition to any outdoor space. Not only do they add safety and security to your deck,

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Why fence posts are essential

Essential Fence posts in nice garden

When it comes to deciding on a new fence for your garden, it's never easy to choose the right fence post for the job. There are many positives and negatives to be taken into account before making a purchase.  

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Pros & cons of different fence posts

Pro Fence in garden

When choosing types of garden fence posts, the main two of which people choose are concrete and wooden posts. Both of the fencing posts, they both have positives and negatives, these are a few of them. Find out which type of fencing post is perfect for you. 

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Top 6 Garden Gate Ideas

Garden Gate

We've rounded up six of the newest design trends for 2023  for you to browse through and bring into your garden plans this year. 

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How to protect your timber in winter

Timber in winter garden

Winter has the worst combination of conditions for timbers, whether it is fencing, decking, or furniture. The rain, sleet and snow bring a lot of moisture.

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How to keep your garden secure 24/7

Secure Garden

Regardless if you’ve just bought a new home, or owned your home for a while, home security is an important factor in where you live. As you want to stay secure and ensure security for your family, especially without reducing the style of your house

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Timber is the material of the future

Garden matorrals

Timber is becoming one of the materials of the future. With more and more projects being built of timber it is clear to see why more designers are choosing timber.

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5 contemporary garden decking trends

Contemporary Garden Trends

Ever since decking became popular homeowners realized their garden could be an extension of their original indoor living space. 

Since then, outdoor living has continued to evolve thanks to different trends. Everyone has spent more time in their garden recently and with summer fast approaching more people will begin to build or replace their existing decking. 

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10 garden design trends for 2022

The top garden deck trends

All our trends come from experts who’ve seen what has worked well in garden design over the past few years, so they’re great ideas for your own garden, no matter what shape or size it is. 

Try them out and make your home an even more welcoming space!

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