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Why Decking Would Be Perfect For Your Garden

Garden Decking with outdoor seating area

There are lots of ways to enhance the appearance of your garden, no matter how much space you have. One of the ways to increase the features in your garden is with decking. Find out how to use decking for your garden.

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Why You Should Replace Hedge With Fencing?


When viewing your home from the outside, your front garden fence plays an important role in the first impression of your house and garden. In your front garden, your fence is not something to be overlooked. Find out why you should replace your hedge with fencing.

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5 Ideas For Using Sleepers In The Garden

Sleepers in Garden

For your garden, there are so many great ways to use them to improve your garden’s aesthetics. With the benefits of sleepers, read to find out 5 ideas for using sleepers.

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Top 5 Fencing Trends for 2021

V Shaped Panels in Garden

As 2020 has winded down, we’re looking at what’s on the rise for fencing in 2021. Some trends are new, some are emerging, but we anticipate a rise in the following trends for them as we head into the new year.

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How to Prepare Your Fencing For Winter?

Preparing Your Fencing For Winter

As the weather continues to be unpredictable, it is important to ensure that your fencing is prepared to withstand the winter season. Find out the best ways to prepare your fencing for winter.

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How to Protect Your Home Using Your Garden?

Fencing With Walkway

When securing and protecting your home, the security starts in the garden. But how do we use our garden for home security?

Here are the best ways to protect your home using your garden:

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2021 Garden Trends

2021 Garden Trends

These are the top 2021 trends for your garden for improvements, ideas and experiments to be able to redesign your garden throughout the year.

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Ideas for Designing Small Garden Spaces

Multi-Level Garden

With the limited space that smaller gardens offer, there are many advantages to the ideas when designing your smaller garden.

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How to protect my decking for winter?


As the seasons continue to change and we progress into the winter and the colder weather, we must ensure that our decking is protected from any negative weather.

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Which Materials Are Best For Your Decking?

Timber Decking Material

When choosing the best materials for your decking, there are a few which to pick from. They all have pros and cons, but which material is the best for your decking?

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