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Timber vs Concrete Fence Posts; Which are better?


With both types of fencing, whether it be timber or concrete fencing posts, they both have pros and cons. 

Below are the pros and cons of timber and concrete fencing, which is better for you?

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Zeus Greenhouse

As the ever-changing seasons are a huge factor in the upkeep of your garden and the materials used in your garden when it comes to winter, it is important to prepare your garden for the winter season!

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4 Ideas to Revamp Your Garden Decking

Outdoor Decking

Whether it be adding those extra storage solutions to being creative with your decking lighting, here are four creative ideas to revamp your garden decking environment.

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Top Garden Trends for 2020

Hillsborough Fencing Home Plants

As new design styles and ideas for our outdoor spaces become popular, and we’re ready to turn them into a stylish extension of our homes. These are the top garden trends to add more creativity to your home.

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How to enhance your garden with fencing?

Garden Fencing

From the privacy of your garden to the sectioning of your garden, there are many ways to enhance your garden with fencing.

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How to use landscaping to improve home security?


As you want to stay secure and ensure security for your family, especially without reducing the style of your house. Here are a few ways to use landscaping to improve your home security.

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5 Fencing Alternatives For Your Garden

Hedging - Fencing Alternatives

If you’re decorating your garden or are looking for the new way to adapt your fencing, here are the best alternatives to your current traditional fencing.

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Landscaping vs Gardening: What's the difference?

Whether you are landscaping or gardening, both involve creating and maintaining your outdoors. 

Here are the differences, including the pros and cons of landscaping and gardening.

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How to: Decorate Your Garden

Swing Seat

It is starting to get a bit warmer so the time for decorating has started; these are the best ways to decorate your garden.

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What are the best uses of a garden shed?

Garden Shed

If you have a shed in your garden and deciding what the best uses are, here a list of the best uses for your garden shed.

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