Matching Gates

Weatherlap/Heavy Lap/Paling/Double overlap and Trellis gates.

These gates are made to match the style of each panel, using either a Z-frame or box style construction.


Weatherlap and Paling gates use a 75mm x 38mm frame in the Z Style, and when ordering, we need to know which side the gates hinges will be on when looking at the front (the good face) of the gate.

1200mm (High) and lower come with a top and bottom rail, and one z-brace.
1500mm (High) and above have three rails, and two z-braces.

The Heavy lap, Trellis and Double over lap matching gates all use a Box style frame work, which uses 100mm x 16mm boards to "sandwich" the internal boards. These can be hung on either side.


Please give one of our sales staff a call on 0114 234 3924 to discuss your gate and we will be happy to help.
Below is a Price Guide on the Matching gates: (including VAT)

HeightUp to 3' 6" wide
Measuring Service

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Gate Information

All Driveway Gates can be arched for an additional £108 cost

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