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Garden arches for your summer wedding

The summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Sunshine, refreshing drinks and a warm climate all make for the perfect day spent in the open air and celebrating a wonderful occasion. Here at Hillsborough, we're big fans of backyard weddings, and think that the effort you put into your garden could make a beautiful backdrop for your special day!

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If you're planning on getting married from the comfort and familiarity of your own home, take a look at the pick of our favourite arches - a beautiful addition to any summer wedding!

Katja Rose Arch

Summer Garden Arches Kartica

This Katja Rose Arch is a stunning addition to any garden - regardless of whether it's for a wedding or not! The latticed sides and curved wooden roof of the arch can be intertwined with delicate flowers and greenery for a subtle and traditional wedding design, or with more vibrant plants and flowers for a quirky and bright design.

Daria Arch

Summer Garden Arches daira

The Daria Arch is sturdily designed to last in your garden, with strong wooden foundations and latticed sides. The width of the archway offers generous space for you to comfortably say 'I do' and exchange vows in a beautiful setting.

Moonlight Arch

Summer Garden Arches moonlight

The Moonlight Arch does exactly what it says on the tin, with a historical and traditional Midsummer Night's Dream vibe, it's the perfect garden accessory for an evening wedding. Adorn the latticed sides and roof with fairy lights and dainty flowers for a striking night-time effect.

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Our arches are perfect for any outdoor wedding and even if your wedding isn't taking place in your garden, they travel well. So, if your big day is on the grounds of a beautiful manor, a woodlands area or in a rented outdoor space, our arches are great for adding that extra romance. Take them home and set them in your garden as a reminder of your special day!

Check out all of our products online, or visit us in-store for the best summer garden inspiration.

Happy Gardening!

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