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How to enhance your garden trellis

Whether it is for extra decoration or privacy, the garden trellis is a great piece of versatile fencing to be used in your garden.

Read more to find out how you can enhance your garden with a trellis:


How does a trellis enhance your garden?


Although trellis panels are extremely good as garden decoration pieces, they’re also very useful too. Not only do they allow you to make use of the vertical space in your garden with an array of climbing plants, but they can also be used to heighten your fence

With trellis panels, they can also be used to obscure any unpleasant views outside of your garden that keeps you from sitting back and relaxing on those sunnier days.

So, with the ability to use a trellis for your garden, get yourself a trellis for your garden.


Whether your garden overlooks another neighbour’s garden or simply looks out to an unsightly brick building, the addition of decorative panels to the tops of your fences is sure to obscure the fact that there was anything unattractive there in the first place, leaving you with a space you can fully unwind throughout the year.

Since they come in a great range of colours and designs, including square, concave, convex, diamond and lattice, you can really get creative and have fun with complementing designs, sculptures and more in your garden. 

You can even combine the concave and convex panels we offer to create a beautiful wave effect the neighbours are sure to take note of! They needn’t be for only the tops of your fences though, since they’re fantastic for dividing and organising vegetables or herbs from the rest of your garden without blocking out that all-important sunlight!


Ideas for enhancing your garden


Extend a walled garden fence with a trellis

Whether it’s garden fencing or brick wall, you can still attach a garden trellis to add extra fencing to the surroundings of your garden with trellis. 

This walled garden features an extension of the fence thanks to panels of trellis which are mounted to the top to frame the wall with beautiful climbing foliage. Not only will the added trellis provide a screen on which to grow plants it will also add additional privacy.


Plants & Flowers

When using trellis fencing, there are no limits on the size and shape of the fencing. For example, planting trailing plants at the back to grow up the trellis and bedding plants, creates an amazing design of the plants and flowers which can grow around your fencing in your garden.

The bedding plants will provide shade for the trellis plants which are placed in front of the fencing, and require shade at their roots and full sun for their flowers. As the trellis is supplied in easy-to-install flexible panels, the trellis and frames can be attached to any solid surface with minimum effort.

With the ability to even connect to curved surfaces, they are perfect for the whole of your garden. Our panels can be easily trimmed to create a natural effect or to fit into those awkward spaces - which is always a bonus!

Freestanding Trellis

In your garden, to add the extra design you can allow a trellis to stand alone to create support for extra planting which is freestanding throughout your garden. Throughout your garden, you can also use freestanding trellis fencing to create borders and sections to create multiple areas all around your garden.

With the trellis, encourage climbing plants to make their way up the freestanding trellis to create a wall of foliage that can act as a partition to separate different zones within your garden.

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