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Top 6 Garden Gate Ideas

No garden is complete without a sturdy, attractive gate that can both keep unwanted visitors out and invite family and friends in. Whether you're looking for a driveway gate or garden gate, we've rounded up six of the newest design trends for 2023  for you to browse through and bring into your garden plans this year. 

A garden is not only a place to enjoy nature but also gives you a sense of privacy. A garden is a reflection of the creativity and vision you bring to your home. The more you add to your garden the more it says about you. Despite being an integral part of our lifestyle, many gardens need more style. A well-maintained garden can be essential to the value of your home. 

There are many ideas to enhance the beauty of your garden, such as elegant benches or a charming fountain. One unique way to make your garden more Beautiful is by adding an elegant gate.

A gate can add elegance and class to your garden. It can also divide your garden into different sections, which is beneficial for keeping pets in their designated areas. You can find many different styles of garden gates online- including arched, folding, sliding, ornamental and wooden gates. 

To get inspired for your garden gate ideas, just keep scrolling. We've rounded up lots of lovely designs to help you choose the best style for your plot. Then, head over to our garden fence ideas features for more brilliant ways to transform your outdoor space. 

Here are our top 6 Garden gates for 2023.

Tongue And Groove Z-Frame Gates

Tongue and groove is a method of fitting similar objects, edge to edge that is used mainly for wood flooring, parquetry, panelling and similar constructions.

To create a single flat surface, tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together. Before plywood became commonly used, tongue and groove boards were also used for sheathing buildings and constructing concrete formwork.

A strong tongue and groove joint is frequently used for re-entrant angles with the effect of wood shrinkage being concealed when the joint is beaded or moulded.

Tongue and grove gates are the perfect solutions for gardens in need of a large security gate. This is why you tend to find them being used for large driveway gates. Their long-lasting and strong build makes them perfect for your driveway adding that extra bit of security to your home. 

Many garden gates can rot very easily. But with the right treatment and regular maintenance your garden gates can last you a long time. Every year garden gates are evolving and becoming more protected from mould and rotting. 

Floral Designer Arches 

As beautiful as they are, garden arches aren’t just made for weddings (although they’d work just as well)! Installing one of our arches into your garden will add a magical element to the outdoor area, whether left plain or adorned with intertwining flowers

But we are here to prove that wrong.

 Why not use our outdoor arches in your garden all year round? They great a great frame for your smaller gates to fit around as well as an extra layer of security. Not only do they look great in all gardens they provide a strong structure for you to build your fencing and flower arrangements. 

Old Garden Gate

Complementing your exterior 

If you're Wanting to elevate your front garden ideas and make a striking first impression? Try this straightforward tip. 

Simply match your garden gate's colour to your other exterior features. This crisp white tone makes a lovely contrast against the red brick and ties the whole look together beautifully.

Use Redwood gates for maximum security 

All redwood gates will need looking after at least twice per year for the whole of their life so will need close attention during their first year. The more treatment in the first year the better however Redwood makes an excellent softwood gate, you will just have to look after it to get keep it looking fresh and to get the best lifespan.

Redwood Gates take a stain or paint well but do need attention during their life. This timber left outside if only for 1 day and allowed to get very wet, could result in the timbers turning black, the boards expanding in their frame to such an extent that they can buckle off the main frame. 

Looking after your gates is important. But if your look after your redwood gates they are one of the most beautiful gate designs on the market. 

Choose a pre-built gate for your home 

There are many advantages to buying a pre-built gate. Although they are Cheaper Than Other Options you don’t lose any of the quality. The gates are still built to last and also treated. This means they will last as long as any other gate

Strong And Resistant To Damage Many people think that wood is a weak material. However, many shields during the Middle Ages were made from wood and they had to protect people against weapons made from iron and steel. Why would they choose to build a shield out of a ‘weak material?

Environmentally Friendly Compared to metal and plastic, wood is a much better option for the environment. With the current concerns regarding climate change, it’s important that we all do our bit to make the world as renewable as possible.

Easy To Repair Compared to metal or plastic,  wooden gates are easy to repair. Should your gate be damaged the timber needed to repair your gate is much cheaper than the materials and expertise needed to repair metal or plastic gates.


Mortice And Tennon Garden gates

Our Single Mortice and Tennon gates are all made to measure and are available in a range of styles They come in a range of styles Flat tops, Spindle tops, or Paling. Each of these is available with an arched top. These are perfect for entranceways and add style, and privacy to your property. With a strong and durable build, these gates are built to last.

Mortice and tenon gates will allow you to create a strong durable gate that is made to measure 

Garden gate ideas can dramatically change the look and feel of your outside space. From split driveway models that are impressive and imposing to front-of-house designs ideal for boosting your home's kerb appeal, there are plenty of off-the-peg and bespoke options available.


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