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Made to Measure Gates

Every garden is different, and so is every gate, whether it’s a difference in material, construction method or style, or just a difference of a few centimetres between gate posts. You need a gate that fits your garden, and we want to ensure that you get it. That’s why we offer a service that not only takes your exact measurements into account, but helps you find those measurements when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Choose a Style

The first thing to do is to choose which style of gate you would like. We can create gates in all sorts of styles, including gates that are good for driveways, shorter front garden gates and tall, sturdy, back garden gates.

Many of our gates can be built with arched tops, and we have designs that are specifically made to match our range of fences providing your garden with a uniformed finish. 

Your gate should match your garden, and we provide a broad range of gates that lets you get exactly the one you’re looking for.

Measure Your Space

To provide a gate that fits well and looks good, we need to know the exact measurements of the space it’s going to fit in, as well as fixture specifications. To help you figure out which measurements we need, we provide a gate measurements document to you note them all down. The core measurements required are:

Gate Height to Shoulder: This is distance between the shoulder of the gate (where the top hinge will attach) and either the ground or the bottom of the gate (where the gate will end). Make sure to specify which you’ve measured from when you tell us. Remember to measure to the centre of where the hinge is going to hang.

Gate Height to Centre: The distance between the intended centre point of the gate and either the ground or the bottom of the gate. Make sure to specify which you’ve measured from when you tell us, and keep it consistent with height to shoulder.

These two measurements are easiest to make if you’re basing them off an existing gate you’re replacing.

Gate Width inside to inside of posts: Measure the space in between the two gate posts, not including any part of the posts themselves. This helps to determine how wide to make the gate, and how much room to leave for hinges and swinging open.

Gate Width outside to outside of posts: The measurement from the far end of one post to the far end of the other. In other words, the width between the posts plus the width of both posts.

Actual Leaf Width: The actual width of the gate itself, best taken from an existing gate. For double gates, this is the width of both gates together.

Gates will open in/out: Determine whether you want your gate to open towards or away from your property. Delete the other option.

Gates will open 90°/180°: Would you like your gate to open only 90° or fold back 180°? Tick the appropriate box.

Single Leaf/Double Leaf: Are you getting a single gate, or a double gate? Delete the other option.

Left or right hung: Determine whether you want your gate to be hung from the left or the right post. For double gates, each gate will be hung from a different post.

Centre or back hung: Is your gate going to hang in the middle of the two posts, or flush with the back? A centre-hung gate can swing both in and outwards if desired, but cannot open 180°. Remember that the ‘back’ of the gate is based on whether it opens in or outwards.

Give Us a Call

There’s a lot of information there, and you’d be forgiven for not being entirely sure of getting it all right. A gate is an expensive commitment, and certainly not something you want to get wrong.

If you’d like assistance measuring your gate, Hillsborough Fencing provide a free, no obligation measuring service to help you take the correct measurements. If you call us on 0114 234 3924 and let us know you’d like a hand, we’ll be happy to walk you through exactly what to measure, and how.

Similarly, you can email us a photo of the space you expect the gate to go, and we’ll tell you which bits you need to measure for us to manufacture your gate. Send that email to and a member of our team will get back to you to help you out.

Once you have your measurements, you can fill them into the Online Quote form for an estimate of costs, or call or email us to talk it through before you place your final order. We’re always happy to help you out, especially for something as important as a gate for your home. 

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