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Love Your Decking

At Hillsborough Fencing we stock an excellent selection of timber and composite decking. We have materials to suit any needs and settings. Composites are great for the longevity and the wide array of colours they come in. Deck boards on the other hand are made from natural Redwood and have been tanalised to protect them.

When deciding whether to opt for timber or composite you should always think about the ongoing maintenance requirements. Composites require less up-keep; a simple clean every now and again should suffice. Timber is softer and requires a little more care, even if it has been tanalised.

Cleaning composite decking is a straightforward process. Simply spray the deck with a hose or warm water and use a little soap. You can scrub with a soft bristled brush to remove any tough dirt or food stains but make sure you don't damage the upper layer of the composite. Make sure you pay special attention to the deeper treads so that dirt does not gather here. Only use a small amount of water and make sure you dry the surface when you are done to prevent a film from forming.

3Many people wonder if they really need to paint their decking if it is made of tanalised timber. The pressure treatment is designed to protect against rot. The timbers can still warp and wear when they are exposed to water. The paint will protect against both of these problems. Make sure you don't paint too soon after tanalisation though as it will affect adhesion and ruin the finish. Keep an eye on the condition of the paint and do a fresh coat every few years as necessary.

One way to keep your painted timber decking looking its best is to ensure you clean it regularly. This will help to reduce the risk of the colour fading and also prolongs the life of the coating. Be careful when using water and scrubbing or you could chip the paint. Avoid using a pressure washer as it will cut through the protective coat.

A good thing to keep in mind whether you opt for composite or timber decking is to clean up quickly when you notice dirt and debris on the deck. This will make the job easier and reduce the risk of damage. Pay particular attention to leaves because they can leave stains.

If you are looking for quality decking or would like advice about cleaning or painting it, please get in touch. Hillsborough Fencing offers the best level of service and materials you will appreciate.

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