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Amazing Uses for Railway Sleepers

Did you know Hillsborough Fencing offer both new and reclaimed railway sleepers? They’re great for building all sorts of garden centrepieces, and can even be used for furniture inside the home as well. They look great, being large, sturdy timber, and they’re really made to last.

Here are just a few things you can do with railway sleepers in your own garden.

Flower Beds


These large, sturdy items are perfect for building raised flower beds or vegetable gardens, and you could even use them to build flowerbed terraces. The width of a sleeper on its side is an ideal height for a raised bed, and looks fantastic. You could stack multiple sleepers on top of one another behind the first flowerbed to create a terrace effect, and use more sleepers to create steps beside them.

Steps and Decking

Sleeper Steps

Railway sleepers are an easy and beautiful form of decking, easy to lay flat side-by-side and attach together for sturdy, stable decking. Cutting sleepers to different sizes can create some quite interesting decking effects, such as smaller blocks of end pieces creating a more recurring and built-up pattern.

Use railway sleepers as steps as well, whether as a matching part of your decking or in another raised part of the garden, or just from your door.

Fences and Walls

Placed vertically in suitably prepared holes, railway sleepers are incredibly impressive as fences, walls and borders for various parts of your garden. You’ll want to bury them quite deep, but luckily railway sleepers are also very long, and there’s plenty of timber left above ground to make quite an effect.

They’re great for long, straight stretches of bordering when placed side by side, or they can be slightly angled to create some amazing looking curved structures. Once properly placed, they’re incredibly sturdy and won’t be moved out of place by weather or shifting terrain.

Garden Furniture

Range of different sleepers

Use railway sleepers to create garden furniture. Cut in various shapes and sizes it’s very easy to make garden benches and tables, or you can get even more creative to make any furniture you can think of. They provide a rustic charm to your garden, and are well suited to living outside, resistant and weather proofed as they are.

Anything You Think Of

Of course, anything else you can think to do with a large stretch of timber like this is fair game. There are some very creative uses of railway sleepers out there, making unique centrepieces and attractions to gardens throughout the world.

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