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Quality is vital in sleepers

At Hillsborough Fencing we understand that final statement all too well. That is why we work so hard to source the highest quality products, supplying them to both domestic and commercial clients. It is with great pride and confidence that we promote M-track sleepers. Their new and redundant products will look attractive in any setting, from gardens to public parks.

The M-track range is extensive, including new Tanalised softwood, used British softwood, and used untreated tropical hardwood sleepers. This gives people a huge amount of choice and the ability to select the perfect materials for their needs.

The best thing about M-track is you can choose the sleepers to get the look you want. The used British softwood ones are high quality and uniform, manufactured to be straight and flat. As a result, they are perfect for retaining walls, steps, and flower beds where accuracy is important. The creosote treatment they have undergone provides extra protection and also makes them an attractive darker colour.

Used untreated hardwood sleepers are better if you want a rustic look. They aren't precise like the British softwood; instead each sleeper will be unique. This gives them a great deal of character and makes them ideal for features such as raised flower beds, kerbing, and decking.

Tanalised softwood sleepers are unique due to the green tinge. They undergo pressure treatment to force an environmentally friendly preservative deep into the timber in order to boost protection against rot. The process results in the slight green colour. The fact the products are manufactured with precision and have undergone safe treatment makes them ideal for children's play areas.

At Hillsborough Fencing we are immensely proud to stock a full selection of M-track sleepers. We have built a long-standing relationship with them, ensuring we can offer fantastic prices to our clients, excellent quality, and fast delivery too. On top of this we provide outstanding customer service reinforced by our 25 plus years of experience.

If you are thinking of using railway sleepers in a project we have the perfect materials for you. Get in touch to find out more or for advice about which style to go with. 

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