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Pros & cons of different fence posts

When choosing types of garden fence posts, the main two of which people choose are concrete and wooden posts. Both of the fencing posts, they both have positives and negatives, these are a few of them.

Read on to find out which type of fencing post is perfect for you. 


Concrete Posts


When choosing concrete posts a huge positive is that they are robust and extremely sturdy. Compared to wooden fencing, concrete fence posts are much sturdier than timber, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fence is well-supported and that your fence post will still be standing after a strong wind or storm. 

Due to the fencing being extremely sturdy, the fencing is durable and the longevity of which wooden fencing may not have. Concrete posts are pretty much impenetrable by dampness and they won’t be destroyed by the insects which are crawling around in your garden which means that your fencing could potentially last for decades. They will almost certainly outlast wooden posts, which could potentially offset the extra cost to install them in the first place.

As well as the amazing durability and robustness of the concrete posts, aside from ensuring that the post is installed properly in the first place, there’s very little maintenance needed after that. 

Concrete fence post cons


With positives, there will be some negatives, which vary in severity depending on the fencing materials. For concrete posts, one of the negatives is that concrete fencing posts are generally more expensive than wooden fence posts. Then on top of the cost of the concrete posts, there are maintenance costs, even though there might not be much, it is important that these costs are added to the total cost.

As well as the materials cost of the concrete fence posts, as concrete is heavier that means that installing the concrete will be more difficult to install. With the increased weight of materials, this could mean that the installation, removal and insertion of the concrete fence posts will take extra time and possibly require multiple people for movability.

Wooden Fence post with concrete posts

Wooden Posts


With wooden fencing posts, one of the biggest positives is the budget and cost of the fencing posts. When choosing wooden fence posts, budget is one of the biggest priorities for many people. For wooden fence posts, wooden timber post is much cheaper than concrete to buy and install fence posts.

When choosing wooden fence posts, ensuring that the fence posts are properly timber will help with the longevity of the fence posts. Once you have your wooden fence posts fitted,  good ongoing maintenance will significantly prolong the life of wooden fence posts and protect against rot, which ensures the longevity of the fence posts. 

Wooden Fence post


As listed above, the longevity of the wooden posts, We’ve listed longevity as an advantage of wooden fence posts, but there will still be some maintenance involved with timber, especially if you use poorly treated wood. If you don’t have the time or energy for the extra maintenance of the fence posts, your fence posts could show signs of splitting or rotting within a few years.

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