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Introducing Durapost

DuraPost is an alternative solution to concrete fence posts, which complements the wood with the strength of steel to create durable fencing which is also quick and easy to install which is a huge bonus!

What are the benefits of Durapost?

There are a collection of benefits towards Durapost which makes it the perfect solution compared to concrete fencing. Weighing up to 80% lighter than concrete it results in it being easier and more efficient to install and readjust the fenceposts surrounding your garden.

Durapost Fencepost

Fitting these fence panels takes half the man-hours taken when using concrete posts. With just a few screws and any fence system, Durapost is stronger, lighter and faster to install quickly anywhere in your garden. It will also incorporate with the design of your fencing system as they are available in four different colours which consist of Olive, Brown, Anthracite and Galvanised Steel.


One of the biggest issues, when you have fencing, is gusts of wind and we have the solution for you as the post are wind tested and can withstand wind speeds up to 70mph. As well, with up to 25 years guarantee, there is always that reassurance that your Duraposts are in the best condition and staying strong.

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