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Top 5 Benefits of a Garden Fence

As well as adding many benefits to your outdoor space, fencing is usually installed with a purpose in mind but actually has many uses and benefits.

Read on to find out the top five benefits of your garden fencing:



One of the biggest benefits of garden fencing is the security of which it provides to yourself, your belongings and your home. When installing high-quality garden fencing, it is an ideal preventative solution to protect your home from any passers-by, unwanted animals, or even any potential intruders who may be lurking in the streets. 

As there are an array of fencing of which you can choose from, there is always the perfect one for you to find for the look and feel that you would like your outdoor space to have.

Garden Fencing

With the fence panels, you can choose the Omega Lattice Top panels which are a popular choice for an attractive, contemporary screen fence, providing durability, strength and security to your garden.

Additionally, they are easy to repair and low maintenance, as you only need to replace a damaged board rather than a whole panel. If you are interested in installing a garden fence for security, it is best to speak to an experienced contractor who can advise the best solution for you.

Lattice Top Fencing

Aesthetics & Design

Do you want to create a stylish look for your garden as well as adding privacy and security? One of the key benefits of adding fencing to your garden, compared to the other alternatives, and one of the most important to some, is decoration! 

A high-quality garden fence can bring structure, style, protection, and a great deal of joy to your outdoor space, as well as creating the whole aesthetic to your home!

With fencing, there are so many different styles, materials as well as other benefits such as pressure treated timber, contemporary metal, plastics, and traditional hardwood. This means that you can find the best design and aesthetic you are looking for - which makes it perfect for your garden! From two-panel statement fences to stylish colours, there’s no limit to your imagination.

Extra Privacy

When you’ve installed fencing around your garden, they are proven to act as a deterrent to intruders and trespassers, improving the security of the structure they surround, which also includes the privacy of your home. 

With or without a surrounding placement, our gardens should be private places for us to relax in and enjoy. A fence can help to deliver that privacy and also make a good natural line for trees to be planted along, further enhancing privacy levels.

Maybe you have neighbouring houses overlooking your garden or you just want to have that feeling of your own enclosed garden, fencing can be the solution. When using fencing, if you use Lattice Top fencing, you can incorporate design and privacy into one fencing panel.

Fencing for Extra Privacy

With the extra privacy, another stylish yet effective way of having fenced in your garden, you can use Horizontal fence slats that will give your fence a stylish and contemporary look.

When using round top fencing panels, you can perfectly construct fences in your garden. If you’re looking for the extra bit of security and that extra look for consistency, you can also use it for cladding gate frames.


Additional Shelter

When you have fencing around your garden, a great benefit of garden fences is that they offer a little needed extra protection and shelter against all the elements which are beaming onto your garden.

When installing fencing around your garden, they can act as barriers around your garden that will protect against natural elements, with the worst elements which can ruin your garden, this is an additional benefit.

With the fencing surrounding your garden, the fencing can act as a windbreaker and generate extra shade for your garden. Perfect for saving your home, plants and garden furniture from all of the unpredictable weather - which is always a bonus!

Fencing Providing Extra Shelter


Minimal Maintenance

As installing fencing requires little or no maintenance, throughout the United Kingdom, Garden fences are one of the top choices for homeowners. 

The only maintenance for your fencing is that after some time, you need to apply varnish on them and put away the debris with the help of soap and water. Ensure the loose ends are tied well so that you can be assured of the hurdles remaining stable and robust. 

You can also use sandpaper to get rid of the rust formations, which is a step to be able to ensure the longevity of your fencing, reducing the maintenance further.

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