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5 contemporary garden decking trends

Ever since decking became popular homeowners realized their garden could be an extension of their original indoor living space. 

Since then, outdoor living has continued to evolve thanks to different trends. Everyone has spent more time in their garden recently and with summer fast approaching more people will begin to build or replace their existing decking.  

Whether you are here for top tips or inspiration, we have some of the most recent trends for you to try in your garden this summer. 

Using More Railings 

Almost all decks have some form of a railing or border around them. It mainly depends on the height and location of your decking. But, one of the best ways to instantly make your deck look more modern is to update the railing.

Over time railings slowly become worn down either by use or from the weather. So it's important to keep them looking fresh and modern. Recently even the railings themselves are been made out of wood similar to the decking and the use of Individual balusters is becoming a very popular style to use and quickly becoming a hot trend. 

Perfect Contemporary garden rails

There are many different types of railings which can make it very difficult to choose the right railing for your deck. Below we have recommended some of our favoured designs.

  • Horizontal balusters with Aluminum railing
  • Verticale Balusters with Cable rail 
  • Glass panel railings 
  • Composite railing systems

 Railings are very important both aesthetically and practically. Aesthetically the railing is the finishing touch that can add character and breathe new life into your deck. However, for safety reasons, railings are usually the most important part of a deck as they give you a barrier around your deck to prevent you or your items from falling off the deck.  

LED Deck Lighting 

Decking is great for use all year round. One way to enhance your decking is through the use of lighting, specifically built-in LEDs. They are much more affordable to run than traditional lighting and also produce a much more pleasing colour on your decking. There are 2 main ways you can add LED lighting either through strip lighting or spotlights. 

Both types of LED lighting are excellent for your decking but it all comes down to what is most suitable for your deck. Outdoor lighting on your decking will take it from being invisible at night to visible 24 hours a day. For stairs to railings and posts to decking perimeter, adding light to your garden decking is the best thing you can do. 

Contemporary Garden

It's important to make sure your decking lighting system is waterproof as your system will easily get damaged if water gets into the light or the control electronics.  If there is water on your decking it isn’t a problem, just make sure you don't place your lights in areas where the flow of water is likely to be the highest as it will increase the chance of damage. 

Indoor living outdoors 

When it’s sizzling outside nobody wants to be stuck inside. That's why more and more people are beginning to move their homes outdoors. Areas like the kitchen and living room are becoming areas that work both inside and out. 

If you love cooking outside and relish dining outdoors. Then an Outdoor Kitchen will upgrade your experience and ultimately change the way you view dining outside. 

These areas usually include built-in grills, as well as food preparation stations. Some even have sinks, refrigerators, and more. It’s a great way to spend summer evenings with family and friends. 

Outdoor Contemporary  garden

The trend is especially entertaining if you have a seating area. You can pair it with an outdoor living room, or you can just add a nice outdoor table so you can cook and dine your meals outdoors.

You can build your outdoor kitchen out of whatever you like many are made simply from just timber with some added extras. Even the most basic outdoor kitchen is better than cooking inside. The whole experience changes cooking and also it tastes better too. 

Pergola desings for you garden  

Pergolas are everywhere at the moment, and with good reason too. Whether you choose to DIY your own pergola or get a professional. It is a simple expansion that will turn a standard bit of your garden, into the perfect outdoor living space for those items you want to keep covered. 

Pergolas come in all different shapes and sizes and If you love to get creative, putting up a pergola on your decking area will make the perfect weekend project. A pergola built on your decking provides a great entertaining area that can be used whatever the weather. All these spaces are great as they provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain. 

The main reason they are on-trend at the moment is because of their range of ability. You can do whatever you like under them, Build an outdoor living room, kitchen or even a bedroom. There are so many options which mean anyone can make use of a decked space with pergolas. 

All different types of materials can be used to create the perfect structure. Wooden pergolas are the conventional option. They do, however, require maintenance as they are susceptible to fading and rotting over time. But, with somewhat limited maintenance, a wooden pergola can last up to 10 to 12 years through annual cleaning, staining and sealing. 

Other materials such as metal and fibreglass can be used to help strengthen and upgrade your Pergola and extend its lifespan up to 20 years. They are seen as super durable, low-hassle and a highly attractive option, aluminium and fibreglass pergolas can offer the stability of wood with a clean elegance, whilst being practically maintenance-free. 

Let the greenery take over your decking  

If you want a decking that blends into your backyard beautifully then great deck planting is a high priority. There are many ways you can do this, either build beds into the decking itself either raised or on a similar level. You could also add planters around your deck. All the best ideas will harmonise your garden together. 

Contemporary garden furniutre

You can Incorporate planters into the deck design, and you can add a living element to the area without compromising the space available for entertainment. However, If space is limited, a living wall is a brilliant idea that allows you to add greenery without compromising that valuable outdoor space. It transforms a boring vertical space into something impactful without intruding on the decking itself.

When it comes to Choosing the plants: annuals, perennials, and even herbs or vegetables are all great even for the living wall. Bear the proportions of the backyard in mind when planning deck planting. You don't want the greenery to take over the whole decking or you might as well go sit on the grass. It is important you find the right balance between greenery and decking. 

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