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Railway sleepers are great

For nearly three decades, our company has been producing and selling high performance garden and fending merchandise. Perhaps some of the most popular products in our collection however are the M-Track railway sleepers. Offering both redundant and new materials, we have options to suit every client and a whole manner of different uses.

For the past century wooden rail sleepers have retained their status as the most widely utilised, especially within bridge and heavy rail applications. To give you a better understanding of these utensils, and an idea of why you can use them in your garden, we are going to tell you all about their characteristics.

Wood and its excellent elasticity, not to mention its appreciable tenacity, is most assuredly one of the most suitable substances selected to manufacture the sleepers. By using timber, the rail sleeper gains numerous abilities, such as brilliant insulation properties, minor temperature influence, outstanding flexibility, easy processing, lightweight, and simple replacement.

With the myriad of benefits, the wooden sleeper can be used in gardens as well as transport infrastructure. They could be used for steps, to mark boundaries, for raised flowers beds, ponds, feature walls, and even stepping stones or pathways.

When treated properly, the lifespan of a wooden sleeper can be extended to as many as 15 years of heavy use and exposure to the elements. In a garden they could last even longer. Untreated sleepers can also last a very long time, so don't worry if you prefer the rustic, unfinished look.

The purpose, not to mention the length of railway sleepers is not universal however. It is important to note this to ensure you select the right materials for your project.

At Hillsborough Fencing, we consider it a privilege to supply our clients with a comprehensive selection of M-Track railway sleepers. All of the materials come from a reliable producer, ensuring you can rely on the quality.

Good quality products only form part of the business however; we also place an emphasis on providing you with a fantastic degree of customer service. From start to finish we hope you will have a great experience working with us.

Let us know if there's anything we can do for you, whether it is information about the different types of sleepers we can supply, their uses, or how to look after them. We can always help.


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