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Unique styling ideas for your fence

You probably never thought of fencing as particularly stylish. It’s designed to keep animals and intruders out.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your fencing look stylish and practical. Here are some ways you can add flair to your fencing without sacrificing practicality.

Factors in making fencing stylish

Proper fencing serves an important safety function. As such, it should never be judged solely on its aesthetic appeal. It is important to make sure your fence is safely secured along with being sturdy enough to brave the British weather. Homeowners can make their fences more visually appealing to passersby and help give a space a truly unique style with just a few changes. From colour to shape it all helps add that unique touch to your garden. 

Painted garden fence to add style

Once you know how to approach it, you’ll discover that with proper upkeep there are few things in life as stylish as a well-maintained fence. Keeping your fence well-maintained is crucial to its style. as, without it, your fence would likely rot and then wouldn't be much use to anyone. That's why adding protective paints will help protect your fence as well as change the style of your garden by adding different colours to your fence acting as a background to any further decorative items you add to your fence. If you want more detailed explanations on how to maintain your fence visit our F&Qs Blog. 

Tips on styling your fence

When it comes to fencing, style is not something you would immediately think of. However, there are many ways fencing can be styled. The key is in what fencing materials you choose, and how you use them. 

For example, with composite fencing, it’s easy to create a look that is tailored to your home or garden style with just a few tweaks. Firstly, consider colour, composite can come in many different shades. With both lighter and darker shades available it's easy to find a shade for you. Although the darker shade may originally put you off the black or grey panels would be very modern and great for a new home that needs some long-lasting fences. 

best HFC fencing with style

Secondly, consider height. If you want a more sophisticated or classic appearance. Then a 6ft fence is our recommendation, The correct height all depends on where your house is located as a 4ft fence between 2 gardens may look a bit odd and will reduce your privacy. However, a 4ft fence around the growing patch would add style and shape as well as protect your plants from the wind. 

Another thing that contributes to fencing being stylish is there is plant life near and around it. If your fencing sits next to a garden or an area where flowers are grown, then it will look good when combined with these things because of the sharp lines that are often associated with fences.

Have your fence alongside a vegetable patch or flowerbed. The location where you choose your fence will influence if people think of them as being attractive or not, so it's important to choose carefully.  

Pros and cons of stylish fencing

While it’s undeniable that fencing can be stylish, you’ll also find some detractors. As gardening is to a house, fencing is to an outdoor space. A nice fence will make your yard pop but too much fencing can be a jarring eyesore in a very neighborhoody way. 

This could cause friction with your neighbours, who may feel like their privacy has been invaded or that you’re judging them for not having as nice of a house as you do. Having your fence over 6ft or over-decorated may cause these problems so you must agree with your neighbour before doing anything to their fence if you joined together that is they may even offer to pay for some of it. 

Finally, there are some genuine safety concerns with overly designed fences; they increase the risk of injury. If you are making a lot of changes to your home exterior make sure you always consider your surroundings like roads and neighbours.

Why fencing can be stylish

Ornamental fencing is ideal for adding flair to your garden or backyard. It adds visual interest, which in turn can increase curb appeal and property value. Adding planters or lights to your fence will help give that unique edge over anyone else. Not only are you saving space in the garden but it also gives you ways to grow your own vegetables off the ground away from any potential intruders. 

There are several different types of ornamental fencing you can purchase, including composite fences, wrought iron fences and wooden fences. These options offer flexibility in terms of design and durability.

Do it-yourself fencing (DIY) - improving your existing fence

If you have an existing fence that's looking a little worn out, it doesn't mean that it needs to be replaced entirely. With a little elbow grease and a few simple tools, it can look as good as new again. 

Consider repainting your fence with some metal primer and paint to give it a fresh coat of colour or clear coat. If you want to match your fencing to other metal elements like fences, gates or railings. You can also use these DIY techniques on your entryway gate so it looks more cohesive with its surroundings

Standard fencing from HFC

There are plenty of colours available for most different types of wood just make sure you get high-quality outdoor paints designed for outdoor use. In addition to a fresh coat of paint, consider giving your fence's surface a light sanding and then applying protective clear coats over top. 

This is one way to spruce up wood fences without having to replace them entirely. The same technique works well for fencing made from other materials such as wrought iron or steel. Weathered patinas work best with aged wooden fences since they complement each other well.

Do-it-yourself fencing (DIY) - some ideas for making your fence

Of course, you can always do it yourself. But if that seems like too much work and too complicated, there are some choices for pre-made fences with which you can work. 

You’ll notice in your search that many of these items come prefabricated, making them an easy solution to install on your property. Wooden fencing is aesthetically pleasing but might need some upkeep later down the line if not treated correctly. However, many manufacturers coat their products in a finish specifically designed to resist sun and water damage. 

If you decide on a wooden fence from one of these companies, be sure to ask about special treatment options and inquire about maintenance programs offered by them once the installation is complete. Other materials such as composite can provide added durability and longevity as well. 

Painted and treaded garden fence

These aren’t as rustic or romantic as other types of fencing, but they should hold up well over time, depending on what kind you choose. Many materials use mesh or boards so dense they resemble wood grain. 

As far as appearance goes, these fences are pretty similar to wood but, because they last longer and don't absorb moisture (which leads to rotting), they're also more energy-efficient than wood varieties. There's less maintenance involved when using any type of synthetic material versus real wood since most synthetics don't require sealing or staining; plastic is also resistant to mould and mildew.

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