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Garden your way to Christmas with our Winter Supplies...

winter garden

Here at Hillsborough, the winter months seem bittersweet to us. We love the crisp outdoor weather, yet understand that this can sometimes hinder our gardening efforts – and can often take us all the way back to square one.


However, with the right care and the correct tools, winter gardening doesn’t have to seem like such a chore, and getting your hands dirty can be just as fun – even when you’re freezing!


We’ve got a range of winter supplies that’ll certainly contribute towards your gardening efforts and make being outdoors a little easier this Christmas…


Invest in strong and sturdy snow shovel to ensure that you protect your plants and soil from frosting up and succumbing to the sub-zero temperatures. And don’t wait to utilise that snow shovel! Letting snow build up will only make it all the more difficult to remove unwanted ice and frost from your garden.

winter supplies


Winter Salt is a godsend… slippery pathways in the garden and icy driveways no longer have to be an issue and can be combatted with the use of winter salt. Due to it’s higher salt content, our rock salt clears ice faster than most other salts and will prep your garden for the upcoming winter frost.


As well as supplies to assist with the depletion of snow and frost in the garden, we also stock as wide range of paints, stains and preservatives that’ll ensure any fencing material used in your garden is protected against the harsh winter weather.


Wood is a naturally porous material, therefore making it prone to becoming damaged from rainy and snowy weather over the winter months. By preparing any wooden garden materials with paints, stains or preservatives, damage to these materials can be prevented and reduced – ensuring that when the chilly weather finally subsides, your garden will still be in the tip-top shape you left it in…


Browse our products online or visit us in store to stock up on any essential winter supplies that will help you and your garden through the winter months.

Happy Gardening!

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