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Warming Winter Tips - Beat the Festive Chill!

winter chill

Can you believe it’s not officially winter until the 21st December? We’re already feeling the chill, and we’re (dare we say it) excited to ditch the nights out and lean towards more nights in with a hot homemade meal and enough hot drinks to last us until spring…


The most exciting part? We get to ditch the salads and get toasty with the home comforts we love! Here are a few foolproof tips to get your share of the warmest winter foods that are sure to keep the frost away…


Up the spice factor


If you’re struggling to stay warm whilst it’s snowy outside, up your spice intake! Ginger, chilli, and garlic are all great additions to winter dishes and can add both flavour and warmth… as well as a bit of a kick!


Veg is king


Winter vegetables are a great way to stodge up your winter stew whilst staying healthy during the cold winter period. Rather than adding beef, chicken or pork to your dishes, try adding mushrooms for a meaty twist… without the actual meat!




If you’re cooking for yourself, cook huge batches of pasta bake, curry, chilli, or stew and freeze any leftovers for days when you can’t face cooking. This way, you’ll save money and always have a warm and tasty dish on hand to ensure you’re unaffected by the harsh winter chill.


Blend away


If you’ve got a bunch of leftover vegetables that are about to go out of date – boil them in vegetable stock, add seasoning and any desired spices, and blend them up to make a delicious batch of soup! Make a big batch at the beginning of the week to have for your lunch throughout the week.


Eat a warm, bigger breakfast


Breakfast is the easiest meal to skip, especially if you rush around to get to work on time in the morning! However, as breakfast is your first meal of the day, it should be the heartiest and most nutritious – especially in the winter. Try eating something packed with protein such as peanut butter and banana porridge, or scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast to truly set yourself up for the rest of the day.


If you’re planning on being a true trooper and gardening through the winter, keeping warm and eating nutritious foods is essential to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming winter chill!


For your winter supplies, visit us online and get your tools before it’s too late – or your garden is too snowy!


Happy Gardening!

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