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War of the deck: Composite vs Timber

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which type of decking you want. There are lots of different variables which can change your decision, from the cost to the environmental impact that your decking is going to have.

Let’s find out which decking will work best for you, composite decking or timber?

Environmental Impact

Composite decking is made of 95% recyclable materials whereas timber is one of the world's most environmentally friendly building products. As composite decking is largely made up of recyclable materials, it saves over 180 million kilos of plastic and timber scrap from the landfills each year. As well as the plastic, composite decking is also made up of recycled wood fibers - double bonus! Using composite decking is not only durable but contributes to helping the environment and ours even comes with up to 25 years guarantee.

Composite Decking


Cost of Decking

If you choose composite decking, the price depends on the colour and size. This results in the possibility of composite decking being a bit more expensive initially, but once you have composite decking, it requires very little maintenance compared to timber - but more on that later. The price of composite decking is usually priced per square meter and this includes the fasteners too. 

If you choose to purchase timber flooring or decking when it has been fitted it needs to be repainted and/or maintained every year. The average price of installing timber decking is around £1000 - £1500 and premium timber can raise the price up to around £2500. The average price can vary greatly depending on location, preparation or excavation work and the type of the timber decking.

Composite Decking Colours

Maintenance and Durability

Timber decking can last a lifetime but there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done throughout its lifetime as it needs to be continuously oiled or stained to keep it in the best condition for longer. If it isn’t continuously maintained, it could cause you many problems such as bowing, colour fading, mould or possibly rot which results in more financial problems.

Composite decking is extremely low maintenance! Your composite decking can easily be cleaned with soap and water and there is no risk of chemical reactions or staining. As composite decking is so durable it is resistant to different temperatures, weather, insects and more.

composite decking


Even though timber decking has some benefits, composite decking is typically a better option, as it requires practically zero maintenance, whereas Timber needs continuous maintenance to keep it looking fresh and lasting years. Composite decking also gives you more variety as comes in different colours and patterns.

At Hillsborough Fencing, we can also fit your decking, so you don’t have to. We have 5 full-time teams with over 20 years of combined experience of getting the job done seamlessly time. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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