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Versatile Sleepers

Garden Swing

I don’t know about you, but when I was young and would go to the park, the best part was always the swings – and even more exciting were the basket swings… to this day I will still spend hours swinging back and forth in my own garden swing!

Picture this: glass of wine in one hand, a book in the other, sitting on a beautiful swing seat in your garden gently rocking in the breeze… Trust us. You want this.  

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

Floating Seats

Honestly, who even wants regular seating nowadays? Not us! Create a contemporary seating area in your garden using our Sleepers. ~ Quick Tip ~ Get ahead of the trend ASAP – floating seats are set to be big in Summer 2019!

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

Vegetable Plot

If you’re a green-fingered fellow, why not build your own raised vegetable plot? Saving your knees and back, as well as allowing your plants to flourish with the extra space for their roots and better drainage.

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

Rustic Beach Pathway

By using half-lengths of sleepers horizontally dug into the ground, you could create a rustic-beach looking path going through your garden! If you lay each piece of timber about 6 inches apart, you can mimic a beautiful beachy-path!

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

Cottage-Style Bed

Beds with sleeper frames fit into a farmhouse, cottage, or log cabin like they were made specifically with your home in mind!

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

Wonderful Water-Features

Sleepers can actually make surprisingly beautiful water features – and for a raised garden pond, railway sleepers would be the perfect border choice. With carefully arranged plants and a couple of fish, your raised-sleeper-pond can inject a touch of style to your garden.

Versatile Sleepers | Hillsborough Fencing

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