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Top 6 Ideas for Unused Sheds

 If you have an unused shed or you have an extra place in your garden, perfectly outlined for a garden shed. 

Here are 6 ways to reimagine your unused garden shed.



  1. Home Office

Whether you’re working from home temporarily, or you are working fully remote, you can transform your generic garden shed into a space of comfort and productivity. 

You can make your unused shed into a home office as it gives you the ability to separate home and work with a different location when working.

Working remotely in your garden shed offers loads of perks, such as flexible working hours, a much better work-life balance and no travel costs as you can casually stroll to your outdoor working quarters.

Speaking of the working from home lifestyle, there’s nothing better than having a dedicated workspace which will remind you of an actual office setting. 

Outdoor Shed

When working at your home office in your unused shed, utilising garden offices offer a personalised space where you can work in privacy without the distractions of home to hamper and reduce your productivity.

Whether you’re you enhancing your skills in DIY and creating your own garden shed with a range of timber materials or buying a pre-made garden shed, this will become your next work location!


  1. Log Cabin

Adding a log cabin to your garden is a way to incorporate a garden shed into your backyard space while maintaining that rustic charm. Utilizing a log cabin garden shed is not only purposeful, but it is also a resource for all your needs. 

The shed can be used to store all of your garden tools and essentials but looks so stylish on its own.

When creating your log cabin, it can also become an extra home for your needs. If you have guests over to your home frequently or someone wants to visit, creating an extra bedroom and living areas in your unused shed could become the place for you.

Log Cabin Garden Shed

  1. Summer House

When creating a summer house for your outdoor areas, comfort is key and if you want to use your shed throughout the year, this means you'll need insulation to for coninous warm all throughout the year, especially in the colder months.

If you are going to use your summer house when the nights start to arrive a bit sooner, when it comes to painting the interior of your summer home, choosing lighter colours will reflect natural lighting and add a sense of additional space.


  1. Home Gym

If you don’t enjoy going to public gyms with the use of equipment of 10s of people, or if you prefer the exclusiveness of your own space or you are working from home and why not convert your garden shed into your very own home gym?

Especially at the moment, as everyone is staying at home and nobody knows for certain what the situation will be. 

If you add adding a gym to your unused shed can provide you with the best ways to stay healthy, and could possibly remove some of your boredom, without the additional cost of the gym membership - which is a bonus!

Home Gym

  1. Extra Storage

If your home is full of cluttered items or for those items which you don't use every day but are important to keep, and looking for extra storage, using a garden shed can fulfil that for you.

As well as adding the extra storage, with extra organisational items such as shelves, you can keep those extra belongings in your shed, regardless of the size.

For this extra additonal items which are to be uput in storage, of those items which are are made to be outdoors, which you need extra storage that you'd prefer to keep out of the house, using a storage box would be the perfect solution for you.

Storage Box

  1. Greenhouse

If you’re looking for something to help improve your gardening hobby, turning your shed into a greenhouse could well be it. Not only can a greenhouse be an excellent feature piece for your garden, they also come with a host of benefits for your gardening hobby.

Without the excessive warth of a glass greenhouse, utilising your shed into a greenhouse can beneftional for growing plants, flowers and many growable foods.


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