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5 Unique Garden Projects

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than in your own garden?

To make your gardening experience more enjoyable, here are 5 unique garden projects that you can build at home yourself!

They look impressive and definitely won’t break the bank!

A Garden Bar 

After a long day of work, it's easy to come home, slump into your favourite chair and turn on your TV. However, summer is just around the corner so why not make things a little more interesting? 

Why not build yourself your own personal outdoor Bar. They became very popular over lockdown with people sharing the bars that they created on social media. Think outside the box rather than simply stacking up some old pallets why not build one from scratch.  Building a bar is a relatively simple process all you need is some basic DIY knowledge and a youtube video. When it comes to materials Hillsborough has everything you need to build your own bar from scratch. 

Timber building martials

A bar serves as an additional seating area during parties or dinner on warm summer nights and for those who love having friends over for grilling parties, there are many options available to add or extend parts of your bar to incorporate your own style. 

The main objective of all these is to bring people closer, further enriching their experience in enjoying nature's greenery. What better way than over a good drink with good company while soaking up some rays? 

Garden Furniture 

Adding a seating area or bench to your garden can create a cosy place to enjoy with friends and family. Build a bench or seat from sturdy timbers and include cushions to make it comfortable enough for resting and relaxing. Having outdoor seating is great for those warm summer nights when you want to spend time with family and friends eating and drinking. 

So if you need something beautiful in your backyard, why not consider building some timber furniture? Timber furniture comes in a variety of designs, so there’s definitely something here for everyone. Whether you want country-style wooden benches, bistro tables or freestanding outdoor chairs, there are tons of options out there and they look fantastic when paired with colourful flowers and lush greenery.

Sleepers made by HFC

If you know how to operate power tools then creating your own backyard oasis should be pretty straightforward: just pick out some timber pieces (think chairs, benches, tables) and get busy designing!

Garden Walkway or Path

Want to create a walkway or path through your backyard? It’s easier than you think, and it’s a great way to set up walking trails around trees and plants in your backyard. 

You’ll want to choose lumber that is 1-inch thick by 8 inches wide. You can find all of these materials at Hillsborough. Once you’ve found your material, use a power saw to rough cut it into different sizes (1×4, 2×4). Make sure each piece is straight and stack them so they remain dry until ready to use. This is a great way to use timber as a pathway however, timber does have its disadvantages. In the winter Timber becomes slippy and unstable when wet. But the design and unique feel of having timber pathways can be enough to persuade you into making them. 

Other options when it comes to pathways are Gravel paths they reflect the informality and ease of maintenance of the garden. Mulch and gravel are the cheapest pathway materials you can buy for rock walkways, and they make construction simple, too, making them two of our favourite walkway ideas. All you have to do is remove the sod, roll out landscape fabric and spread the mulch or gravel.

Upcycle old products 

Old lumber can be used to make beautiful and unique planters, tables and chairs. There’s really no limit to what you can make with wood that you have on hand or have leftover from other jobs. You can use multiple pieces of old wood to build something incredible or buy a few new boards if you’re short on time. 

Upcycling products is an easy way to create one-of-a-kind accents for your home garden or patio. It allows you to repurpose items, keep them out of landfills and reduce waste all at once! Now that’s a win-win situation. Here are some ideas: 

Garden projects

These wheelbarrows are made entirely out of used pallets. The artist who created these uses pallet frames as his canvas and turns parts of pallets that would usually be burnt into simple but effective projects. 

This is just one example of how you can upcycle old materials to create new items that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. With a little creativity, you can turn recycled materials into outdoor deĢcor for your own garden or patio area! You don't just have to use wood, old metal parts can also be used to create unique sculptures for your garden. 

Lawn DIY

If you’re growing grass in a regular backyard and not an athletic field, mowing your lawn weekly is usually sufficient. It’s also an affordable way to spruce up your home.

While you could always just purchase new blades when they break, there are plenty of alternative ways to save yourself some cash: Make sure that you sharpen those blades before every cut (blades don’t need replacing unless they become cracked or worn out). 

You can find tutorials online on how to sharpen a blade using either a knife sharpener or grinder stone. It might seem like a lot of effort, but it will make all the difference in how good your yard looks throughout summer. And you never know—you may even enjoy something as simple as sharpening your own blades.

Place stepping stones around plants and flowers: There’s no better feeling than getting lost in a sea of your favourite flower; nothing quite so beautiful—and calming—as strolling through rows upon rows of flowers, taking time to smell each one as you go by. The best part?

Garden Decking 

All our composite decking is available in black, grey and chocolate. So that you can choose one that works with your garden design.

Garden decking

All our timber deck boards can be painted or stained with decking paint after they have been treated. With many options of paint to suit your garden and its design.  Sticking with one striking colour or combining more than one colour will all help add a unique feel to your decking. Merge navy and white for a nautical design or black and grey to get a contemporary and stylish look.


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