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Trade Accounts - Explained

Trade Membership

Benefits of Trade Membership

Businesses both big and small benefit from a Hillsborough Fencing trade membership. We already have a number of trade members in the Sheffield and Rotherham area benefitting from our improved services and deals, and it’s helping their business boom.

A trade account with Hillsborough Fencing provides access to unique deals and offers that let you offer our quality products to your customers at even more of a bargain, and our 30-day credit option makes handling your cash flow easy.

It’s a simple and easy choice to make, and Hillsborough welcomes all new applicants for trade membership. Although trade membership isn’t automatically guaranteed on application, we’re always happy to offer it to high quality, honest traders who do well by their customers.

Access to Deals & Discounts

Hillsborough Fencing try to offer the best deals we can for all of our customers, but for trade members we’re willing to make even better deals, helping you provide the items your customers want at amazing costs.

Our deals aren’t always the same. Sometimes they’ll be catalogue-wide discounts, sometimes you’ll find better deals on specific products or ranges, and sometimes they’ll be tailored to you in particular, to help you offer an even better service.

Get Products on Credit

If you have a trade account with us, we’re able to provide a 30-day credit arrangement that helps you manage cash flow, ordering items before you pay for them, and paying for them after you’ve received payment for your own service.

With the 30-day credit arrangement, trade members can get a product straight away even without the money to pay for it immediately. You can pay for it any time in the next 30 days, whether that means paying after receiving money from your own customers, at the same time as all other outgoings or as soon as money comes in.

You can also take on jobs you normally wouldn’t be able to afford, because you know you’ll receive payment for your services before you have to pay yourself. Having money up front is less important, allowing you to be more ambitious in what you can provide.

In any case, you can offer your service without fear of delays, and stay in complete control of your finances.

Pay the Benefits Forward

With better deals on products and easier cash flow management, you’re able to pay the benefits of a trade account on towards your customers. Your services become more valuable thanks to quicker service at better prices, exactly the same benefits you’re getting.

You’ll be able to offer high quality products to customers at fair prices in time scales they might not even believe. By receiving a better service, you also offer a better service, and build a reputation from that.

Becoming a Trade Member

Hillsborough Fencing pride ourselves on offering a unique and high quality service, so we can’t provide a trade account to everyone without first reviewing your situation. Accounts are issued on an individual basis, looking at previous payment history and references among other qualities we seek in our partners.

If you’re interested in a trade account with Hillsborough Fencing, or want to hear more about the benefits, just call us on 0114 234 3924.

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