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Hillsborough's top tips for getting your garden ready for winter

Prevention is better than the cure. Protection, you need to protect your young plants and trees from vermin, the big freeze and the ever-present threat of snow. Also don’t forget to carry on watering the evergreens. They don’t shed their leaves so they will need moisture until the ground freezes over. When leaves fall off other trees, don’t leave them lying on the lawn. By blocking the sunlight and air the grass will suffer. 

Weeds. Spend a bit of time getting rid of all the ones you can see in your garden, it will make life easier in the long run. But remember, don’t throw them in the compost heap, they will only return somewhere else when you’re least expecting it.

Think ahead. Get your spring bulbs planted before the ground freezes over. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that come spring all you have to do is sit back and relax while your daffodils pop through. 

Keep the local wildlife well fed. Remember to feed the birds, they’re part of your garden eco system and everyone loves a bit of birdsong on a Saturday morning. High fat food in a feeder will do the trick and keep them tweeting all winter long.

Lastly, your wood. Put your garden furniture away. If you’ve invested in one of our lovely pieces make sure you look after it. Make sure your fences are secure and your shed is watertight, don’t go leaving the door wide open!

I’m sure an avid Gardner like yourself will know the majority of this already but make sure you tell your friends and family too. Remember if you need any winter supplies Hillsborough is here to help.

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