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Timber vs Concrete Fence Posts; Which are better?

With both types of fencing, whether it be timber or concrete fencing posts, they both have pros and cons. 

Below are the pros and cons of timber and concrete fencing, which is better for you?


Timber Fence Posts



One of the biggest pros of timber fencing is the design of the posts. When using timber fence posts, they can be super stylish! With a range of different timber posts, fencing types and style which are available and the options are endless.

This means that choosing a fence type then the style can be a difficult process with each offering their own benefits according to its intended purpose and many different designs to accompany the benefits of the fencing.

Timber Fencing

Another one of the benefits of the timber fencing posts is that it is cost-effective and can be more affordable compared to other alternatives. When choosing timber fence posts, they can also be cost-effective because you can create these fence posts using yourself using timber posts for your fence.

There are plenty of options available which are more cost-effective, from the more basic through to the slightly creative, ensuring that you’re able to achieve the look you desire without the high price tag.



With all the positive which come with timber fencing, there also has to be some negatives. 

One of the negatives is that the fencing can be damaged by the weather. When installing the fencing, if it is not totally secure it can be easily become damaged or be worn away by inclement weather. 

With the worse weather and the negative impacts, the weather can have on the timber fencing. One of the may negatives which the weather causes is that it can cause the colours of the fencing to change over time. If the timber fencing with a stain or paint, the colour will fade with exposure to an array of weather.

Concrete Fence Posts


One of the biggest pros of the concrete fence posts is the durability. Concrete is a robust material which does not easily rot meaning the posts are highly durable, as well as being a strong material with a proven long lifespan. 

However, unlike the wooden fence posts, concrete is not a degradable material and cannot be penetrated by rot or insect attack for concrete over timber.

Concrete Fencing

As well, another positive of the concrete fence posts is that they’re easily maintained. As concrete is somewhat impenetrable to liquids, mould and rot, there isn’t much after-sale maintenance which also adds to the longevity of the posts.

Concrete Fencing


With positives, there are also negatives, this means that when choosing concrete fence posts there also has to be some cons. 

One of the main cons of the concrete fence posts is the cost of the posts. Concrete posts are typically more expensive when compared to their wooden counterparts. When choosing concrete fence posts knowing that you’re going have to pay more compared to other alternatives.

When installing your concrete fence posts, compared to other fence post materials, the concrete can be difficult to install. This is predominate because of the weight which each fence post endures. As the average of each individual concrete fence post weighs in excess of around 40kg and can often require multiple people to install them. This means that it can take more time and this can further increase the labour costs.

Concrete Fencing


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