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Creating a Stylish Garden to Suit You

With summer underway, it’s time to spruce up your garden. There’s nothing better than sitting out in your garden on a hot summers day, especially when you’re in love with your space! Unfortunately, not many people are.

We’re here to help you on your journey to a stylish, personalised garden!

Work out your personal landscape

Before doing anything to your garden, you need to work out your personal landscape. What have you got to work with? Do you need a shed? Where will you put it? Where would you put seating to get the most out of the weather? Do you need decking or patio?

It may be best if you get some professional help when it comes to completely redesigning your garden. Garden designers can map out the best way to style your garden in order to get maximum usage out of your space, as well as tailoring their services to meet your needs and your specific style.

Personal Landscape

img credit: weeshack


Aesthetics aside, you want your garden to be safe. Installing a new fence is the best thing you can do to keep children and pets in, and unwanted visitors out!

Okay, aesthetics back in mind, there are some gorgeous contemporary fences that can suit your garden’s style, check out our range of fences here.


img credit: mylandscapes

Find the perfect set of table and chairs

When it comes to the perfect table and chairs set for the garden, I find that a lot of people opt for the same sort of style, which is a shame when it takes away from your unique garden designs.

There are so many more options for garden seating. Make sure you take your time and expand your search to find something more suited to your space and your personality.

Table and Chairs

img credit: homebnc

Create a sun trap

Who doesn’t love a tan? Although British weather doesn’t usually allow us to develop a natural tan, sometimes we’re lucky enough to see a heatwave or a slither of sun, so it’s imperative we make the most of it!

Find the spot in your garden that gets the most sun and surround that area with white walls or fences and a white patio. Light will reflect off all the white surfaces, creating a warmer, sunnier area.

Make sure you apply a thick layer of sun cream before entering!

Sun Trap

img credit: myhome-apartment

Plenty of plants

Potted plants instantly boost your home’s appearance, especially if you have some bright blooms in stunning pots!

As trendy as a minimal garden can be, injecting a bit of colour into your garden brings it to life and showcases the real beauty that the space has to offer.

Strong lines

Want to create crisp, strong borders between your pathway or patio and lawn? Sleepers are a great way to divide your spaces, and with attractiveness on their side as well as durability and strength, they’re an unbeatable option.

Strong Lines

img credit: diygarden

Artificial Grass

Sometimes real grass can be difficult to maintain if you have a time-demanding life, but who doesn’t love the fresh look of a lawn? Artificial grass is here to save the day!

There’s a few different kinds, so it’s important you get the right one for you. Check out this blog which tells you a little bit about the best variations in the UK.

Artificial Grass

img credit: namgrass

Recruit a helping hand

Hiring a landscaper or garden designer, even for small jobs, can speed up your garden-transformation and give ideas that you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

When jobs simply can’t be done without an expert (unless you’re an expert yourself), there is no shame in hiring a helping hand! Whether it’s a friend, family member, or professional, asking for assistance will get the job done properly.

At Hillsborough, we can fit your new fence or gate for you! Get in touch now for a quote!

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