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Styling Your Decking

Your decking deserves more than a rickety table and some boring chairs. You can transform your whole garden with composite decking alone; but styling it with fun, unique furniture, plants and a fireplace takes your garden that one step closer to perfection.

Create a place where you’ll want to spend your summer.

Add Bright Details

Spice up your decking with some bright, bold details. Pick a colour scheme that complements the colour of your decking and layer outdoor cushions of all shapes, sizes and colours, plant pots and other details to give your outdoor area a summery, cosy feel. Choose coloured cushions based on your personality, a pattern that brings out your inner creativity or colours that complement your current furniture and colour scheme - cool blues, bright yellows and salmony pinks look extra pretty next to your greenery!

Tip: we sell 3 different types of composite decking, coming in a wide range of colours! Check them out here.

Bright Details

Extra tip: create a seating area like the one above with your decking, and even integrate extra outdoor storage under your seats! 


Bring your decking to life with plants! You can never go wrong with some pretty plants hanging in baskets, plants in pots, or wrapped around a trellis, making you feel relaxed and at one with nature.

Tip: gardening has amazing effects on your mental health and has been proven to be a great stress reliever.


Mix and Match Stone and Deck

Looking for something ultra-modern? Get the look by mixing your composite decking with a light-washed stone! The combo has a beautiful contrast – if you have a large area to be decked, it can look quite heavy on its own, so the stone and deck contrast breaks up the space, giving you a contemporary look.

Mix and Match


Staying on the topic of contrast; another way you can achieve a modern garden is to paint your raised flower beds white. This helps to create a focal point on your decking if you don’t want a huge furniture set taking up the whole space.



Some of the best memories are made on summer evenings. My friend has a fire pit, and there’s nothing we love to do more in summer than lighting the fire on an evening and having a girly night.

Fire pits are the perfect place to gather in the evening as it gets cooler, plus watching the sunset is pretty relaxing too.



Don’t sacrifice style for safety – take them both! A spotlight or two in your outdoor steps will not only keep your beautiful garden lit throughout the night but will also light the way for your guests!

Spotlights also look great around the edges of your decking and under integrated seating!


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