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Prepare Your Garden for Spring

It’s Officially Spring! Here’s How You Should Prep Your Garden:

First and foremost: Happy Spring. We have survived the bitter Winter and the warm weather is about to make a comeback! One thing we know for sure is this winter was harsh, not only on us, but on our gardens also. We need to revive our gardens and prep them for the coming Spring and Summer months, and here’s how:

Choose which part of your garden you are going to be working on. Make sure this part of your garden receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day, is protected from fast winds, is fairly level-grounded and is near a water source – this doesn’t need to be a babbling brook, a watering can or hose will work too.

Before you begin working on your soil and planting, you should clean up the leaves and gardening tools in the gardening area to make sure everything is ready for when you do come round to it. Around the same time as you do this, start growing your small plants indoors. This gives them a much greater chance of survival and will help them to thrive once they have been planted outside.

Finally, start working on the soil. You have to time this right, you will know when the soil is ready if you grab a handful and squeeze it in your hand. Open up your hand and if the soil can easily be crushed by pressing it with your fingers or dropping it on the ground, then it is dry enough to work on. However, if the ball keeps its shape in your hand, then it is too wet to work. When the soil has dried, you can begin breaking it up and adding compost. Adding compost will create a nutrient-rich environment for plants, as well as mulch and grass clippings. This will allow your plants and seedlings to thrive in perfect-growing conditions.

Get on top of the gardening season with these helpful tips and tricks!

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