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Smart Landscaping

When you start thinking about landscaping your garden, there are a few things to keep in mind, a good place to start is with plenty of research, take inspiration from public parks, garden shows, visiting garden centres and even online mood boards.

To make life even easier we’ve put together some key points that are worth thinking about.




This might sound pretty obvious, but when looking for inspiration it is easy to get distracted by gorgeous fountains, ornate decking and tropical plants. Think about the function of your garden first, who is using it – does it need to be child friendly? When will you be enjoying it the most – early morning coffees or lazy afternoon BBQ’s? How much up keep can you commit to – are you naturally green fingered? After this let your imagination lead the way…


Adding different textures is a great way to define areas of your garden. Landscaping it is a brilliant opportunity to move away from the standard lawn and paving – think decking, stone, gravel and even wood chippings! By adding these in small areas you can enhance sections that may have originally looked quite plain. How about a decorative path, using pebbles to trace a path down the lawn or even around some decking?

Remember to think about the kind of ground you have too – no one wants a wobbly garden table.

Gravel Path


 Huzzah! Your garden no longer has to stick within the realms of grey! Garden paints have moved on incredibly in last few years, they now come in a multitude of colours that can help brighten up both wooden fencing and walls. You can even add depth by using a variety of complementing colours spanning across your decking, fencing and shed.

It doesn’t have to end there either; colour can be brought in from different textures too, coloured stones, even warm coloured wood chippings.

Decking it out

Decking is ideal for all gardens, especially for those who want year round use of their garden, providing a strong, durable surface you can use year after year and season after season. Really make your decking unique with the finishing touches such framing, railings and all weather paint.

Decking is a great solution for uneven gardens and requires less work than landscaping paving. With a wide range of materials we have decking solutions for everyone. Ask us for a free fitting estimate too!

To make your decking shine you can add a little extra ambience with decking lights – solar powered lights are a great energy conserver and will make your decking look exceptional at night.


Potted trees and shrubbery can help to add height and new dimensions to your garden, use them to section off areas or frame key features. Arbours and seating can be used as standalone features or help to add an aesthetic flow to your garden. 

Final touches…

The final finishing touches can really help to take a nice garden to an amazing garden. If your garden is used across generations add helpful railings to the decking or pathways. Lighting can make all the difference too; adding a backlight behind a feature plant to make it stand out that little bit more. String lighting and lanterns can help bring a beautiful subtle glow to the garden.


With these tips in mind we can help transform your garden to the sanctuary you deserve!

Come and see us this Easter weekend to see how we can help with your garden… 

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