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Sleepers for Children's Areas

Cheap, versatile and robust are words every home or garden improvement enthusiast loves to hear, but these words are even better when you have children! Railway sleepers are all three and can be used practically anywhere in and around the home.

Have you thought about using sleepers to create fun and interactive play areas for your children? Somewhere for them to get some fresh air, explore and use those ever-inventive imaginations?

Play Houses

Ok so this is probably the biggest job, but the most rewarding too! You can make playhouses as big or as small as your imagination (or garden space) allows. Make them interactive with stairs, slides, a climbing wall and maybe even a fireman’s pole.



Every child loves a sandpit, it's like a mini beach in the back garden (just don’t forget the paddling pool). Probably one of the easiest things to create with railway sleepers, we recommend reading our guide on using sleepers for help on choosing the right kind. Also, once the children get too old for a sandpit, remove the sand and convert into a veggie patch.


Child Swing

Another relatively quick and easy job, erect a frame using sleepers, we recommend 2 support posts and a swing beam, secure your swings to the top beam – voila, hours of fun! Again, once the kids are too old for a swing, remove the swings and attach a hammock. Or erect another 2 beams opposite the initial 2, about 1.5 – 2m away attach 3 more swing beams and create a more grown-up swing.


Image credit: Materialistic


This is something everyone can enjoy in the garden. Sitting on the bench early morning with a cup of coffee and getting ready for the day. Sleepers are incredibly robust so a bench will last you for years to come with very little maintenance.  

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