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Why You Should Replace Hedge With Fencing?

When viewing your home from the outside, your front garden fence plays an important role in the first impression of your house and garden. In your front garden, your fence is not something to be overlooked.

Read on to find out why you should replace your hedge with fencing:


Why Hedges Can Be A Problem?

When you have hedging, it is a possibility that your hedge is connected with someone else’s garden, which means that sometimes, hedges can inadvertently be the source of a great deal of tension between neighbours.

Another reason why hedges can become a problem is that hedges are less secure than fencing and if they aren’t dense enough which means that there is a potential to let pets and children through. As hedging has less security with hedging can cause an increase in maintenance costs and energy.

Hedges also require a great deal of maintenance which consists of clipping to watering, and if your hedging is left and neglected, it can start to look awful. Regardless of if you trim and clip your hedge carefully and regularly, hedges can become unmanageable very quickly.


Hedging Around Garden


Benefits of Fencing

With fencing, one of the biggest benefits is security. For the benefit of your home, your belongings and your family,  fencing keeps the inside in and the outside out. Your fencing prevents unwanted animals, unauthorised vehicles or people from accessing your garden, and more importantly your home.

Trellis Top Panels

With traditional trellis fencing panels, they create a very popular screen fence, offering privacy and security. As the traditional trellis feature a sturdy design and reliable material mean that with the right care, they can hold up through many cold, wet winters, whilst also giving the ability to separate the areas within your garden.


Traditional Trellis Fencing


Another benefit of fencing is privacy. If want to have that feeling of your own enclosed space or not have anyone peaking into your garden, fencing will enable this privacy.

Wind, rain, direct sun? Is there a spot in your garden that needs a little extra protection? The fencing in your garden can protect you from all weather - especially in the summer when getting a bit more shade!

Even with the other benefits of having fencing in your garden, you may wish to create a feature out of your fence, and provide privacy and security without sacrificing your garden’s aesthetics.

Do you need planning permission to replace your hedge with fencing?

When replacing your hedging with fencing, generally, planning permission isn't required for a fence less than 2 metres high. However, it will be necessary if the boundary line meets a highway or the footpath of a highway and you wish to have a fence under 2 metres or add to a fence that's over 1 metre in height.

To be on the safe side, we recommend checking in with your Local Authority to find out if you do need planning permission. Find out more about planning permission at the government's Planning Portal advice website to ensure that you’re on the safe side.

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