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Railway Sleeper Inspiration...

We’ve all fallen in love with the idea of incorporating M-track new and redundant railway sleepers into our gardens and homes – yes homes too! But, if you’re struggling with inspiration, we’re on hand to help. From raised vegetable patches, to ponds, shelving to fireplaces – we’ve got it covered.

Raised Beds

So you're thinking of creating a raised bed or planter with railway sleepers to add something extra to your beautiful garden? Something that will complement the decking and fencing you’ve spent all spring putting together? Using new or redundant railway sleepers to make raised beds are great alternatives to using traditional bricks or stone. Check out these imaginative and inventive raised planter projects using railway sleepers.

Vegetable BedFrame

Pondering on the idea of a pond

Creating a pond or water feature from railway sleepers adds a whole other dimension to your garden. Water loving plants, fish, the sound of running water and dreamy reflections – bliss! New & used railway sleepers are great materials to create raised ponds & dramatic water features.

Sleeper Pond

Don’t just Shelve your idea…do it!

Using new or redundant railway sleepers is a unique alternative to going out and buying ready-made, mass-produced furniture. Using redundant sleepers adds a rustic charm to your home; use them in any room of the house. Using new ones to create one off bespoke furniture and features brings a new talking point around the coffee table (hint hint)!

Sleeper Bed


There isn’t much that beats a roaring fire when the weather is cold outside – and lets face it, it usually is! But imagine sitting in front of a warm fireplace that you’ve made? Railway sleepers are excellent for creating dramatic and unique fireplace surroundings, lintels and mantelpieces. Whether you want a rustic weathered look or a contemporary modern feel, M-track has the sleepers for the job. 


The inspiration here is only the beginning of what can be achieved with railway sleepers. At M-track we are happy to help you with whatever project you are immersing yourself in.  We offer a bespoke cutting service and the correct Timberfast Screws too.

If you're looking for even more inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest page – the possibilities are endless!


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