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How to Protect Your Home Using Your Garden?

When securing and protecting your home, the security starts in the garden. But how do we use our garden for home security?

Here are the best ways to protect your home using your garden:


Whether it is animals or people, you can use your fencing to keep out any unwanted guests.

When adding fencing to your garden, the function might be to separate one garden from another, providing a handy boundary that we all respect, as well it can help keep out animals which can ruin your garden in a multitude of ways.

As well as animals ruining your garden, your fencing can help prevent any burglars and unwanted people from entering your garden and entering your home.

Fencing Panels for Removing Unwanted Guests

Whether you’re creating a secluded outdoor area for you and the family or trying to prevent a mischievous pet from running riot around the streets, using paling panels do exactly what they’re meant to, all you have to do is choose a style!

When choosing your fencing, if you’re feeling a bit more creative and want to create your own fencing panels, you can use a range of timber to create your fencing and create other accessories to be placed around your garden.

Our timber palings, which are available in a variety of sizes, can be used to customise your very own fencing, which can be placed anywhere in your garden. Whether its a border to keep out unwanted guests or creating partings with gates to create new sections around your garden, it is all a possibility.

Whether it’s a simple square design, or something a little more creative, we provide the wood, we fit the wood, but you’re the boss in your own creation.

Paling Fencing Panels


Security and Deterrents

When using fencing to ensure the riddance of unwanted guests, you can partner your fencing with security accessories. With the use of deterrent spikes, you can make sure that no-one or nothing is climbing over your fencing to enter your garden, or even worse… your home.

Deterrent Spikes is a triple row of pointed cones, which include excellent UV weathering resistance, to ensure the longevity of the spikes. The points on the deterrent spikes are staggered for maximum effect.

As well as fencing, the unique double-hinge design allows it to be formed neatly on fence tops, pipes and other irregular surfaces.


If you have a multitude of tools and different gadgets to be used in the garden, storage is an important aspect of keeping burglers away from stealing your equipment, especially if they’re not secured securely. 

When securing your equipment, the use of a shed is crucial for extra storage in your garden and it is also important to keep burglers hands off your equipment.

Whether you’re looking to create some extra storage space for those things you can’t seem to find a place for, or you’re looking to create a separate leisure space to take you away from the stress of daily life, using a shed is the perfect solution for you.

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