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5 Ways To Prevent Your Fence From Rotting

When it comes to wooden fencing, if there is rotting it can become penetrable and ware away of time.

Luckily, there are ways in which you can protect your fencing from rotting and stop it from spreading across your garden.

  1. Choosing The Best Materials

Keeping the materials of your fencing is important to be able to uphold the fencing around your home. This means that wood which is the best condition possible and keeps the sustainability of the materials used, which concludes in that you should start off with high-quality materials for longevity.

When selecting a wood type, there should be more to consider than the aesthetics, as certain types of wood for fencing materials are better at withstanding damp conditions than others.


  1. Clearing Debrie

The build-ups of moist debris can kick rot off, fast, especially on wooden surfaces which will disintegrate the fence and post overtime if they haven’t been treated. 

If the certain greenery such as damp leaves, grasses, plants and similar outdoor greenery, can all cause debris to enter your fence through tiny cracks and crevices. When the dirt and soil enter these crevices that rot begins in the fence and continues to build up and destroy the fencing, especially when there isn’t treatment.



  1. Don’t put weight on the fencing

The lesser the materials you have on the fence, the longer it can last because it has less pressure pushing down onto the fencing, as well as the fence posts. 

As well as the fencing, if the posts have lots of pressure pushing downwards and start to wear away on the fencing, it can have a knock-on effect onto the fencing.

While it’s ambitious to have decoration pieces around the fencing structure, keep them at minimal since the weight may enhance the amount of pressure which is pushed towards the fencing, regardless of the direction of which the amount of weight it is affecting. 

  1. Treat your fence panels

When preventing your fencing from being rotten, one of the main ways to help protect your fence from rotting is to ensure that the wood is treated. 

To prevent the rotting or further rotting with your fencing, coating each panel and posting the panels thoroughly with wood preservative. This will help to seal the wood, protecting it against water damage.

Waterproofing your fence will also help to stop the organic growth of mould, moss and fungi. This makes timber waterproofing a safe option for use in gardens, where the wood may be in contact with plants and animals which lowers of the chance of rotting and prevents further maintenance costs. 

  1. Replace Rotten Wood

If you have a fence in your garden already which is suffering from rot, some sections of the wood may need to be replaced if it is badly affected. 

Once the rot gets onto your fencing, the rot can continuously spread quickly, so it is best to act fast when replacing rotten wood around your garden.

The posts are the most common sites for wet rot since they’re in continuous contact with the ground. Replace rotten sections and make sure to top up the preservative wherever you cut away at the surface of the wood as this can prevent from further becoming rotten.

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