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Choosing the Right Greenhouse for You

Choosing the right greenhouse for you can be a daunting task. With many different types, shapes and sizes, selection can become very confusing, very quickly. Whether your greenhouse is to fulfil your gardening hobby year round, to extend your planting season or maybe even to grow plants that don’t normally survive where you live, whatever the reason is; finding the right greenhouse is tricky! And that’s where we come in.

A standard back garden greenhouse, or an A-frame greenhouse, will provide a warm environment where plants can grow all year round, these greenhouses also allow you to get a head start on the growing season. Typically, the A-frame greenhouse’s covering material is glass. However, translucent polycarbonate glazing panels are now being used due to the lowering of the overall cost.  The ideal location for A-frame greenhouse would be in your back garden, facing south.

A hoop house greenhouse is usually larger than a standard A-frame. The name comes from the shape of the house. The hoop-shape means rain and snow easily slide down the sides, stopping water build up and potential leaks. The hoops are made from aluminium pipes and are covered with a layer of polymer plastic covering or 2 layers for extra insulation. These houses are easy to build and is much more inexpensive compared to other designs.

Attached greenhouses share a wall with your home. The typical covering material is glass although translucent polycarbonate glazing panels can also be used. These particular greenhouses tend to be cheaper than other designs because they share a wall with the house and are closer to electricity, water and heat.

A cold frame greenhouse is a structural cover to protect your plants, it is the smallest out of the greenhouse designs. Used to extend the gardening season, these are the simplest and easiest-to-maintain greenhouse option. Being small, means the cold frame can fit in just about any garden.

Greenhouses are perfect for maintaining your plants through winter and ensuring their survival, for growing exotic plants that you don’t usually find in your area, saving money, having fresh vegetables all year round, releasing stress… the list goes on. Evidently, there are many different reasons for having a greenhouse, and many different greenhouses to suit you!

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