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Plant your diet

More recently then before, the world of health has witnessed an uproar around what diets we should and shouldn’t be following, whether they’re good, bad, or ugly. However, when we take any diet into account, there’s no denying that vegetables are good for you.

Before you jump to conclusions, nobody is asking you to become a vegetarian, or even give up any other foods for that matter. What we are asking you to do is consider growing your own vegetables, a hobby that isn’t only skillful, but fulfilling in more than one aspect of life.

Here at Hillsborough Fencing, we love the idea of growing your own vegetables, and we are completely equipped with the things you need to do that. Whether you’re starting in the winter months and require a greenhouse, or you need some timber to design your summer vegetable garden, we’ve got you covered. Come in store to see our fantastic gardening range for some true inspiration.

We’ve focused on the nutritional benefit of growing your own vegetables, with a variety of recipes from BBC Good Food that incorporate vegetables in the tastiest way, and may just convince you to become a budding gardener.

Yaki Udon

Yaki Udon

Noodles are one of the ultimate comfort foods, and mixed with vegetables make for a dish you’ll want to tell all of your friends about. Add some meat if you really can’t go without, but keep the veggies, they’re the best thing about the dish!

Versatile Veg Soup


Soup is great in any weather, for lunch or dinner, or even as a snack. This versatile vegetable soup adapts itself to your needs and allows you to choose the veg you want to include, so throwing away leftovers is no longer an issue. 

 Veggie Thai Red Curry 

 Veggie Thai Red Curry

Curry tastes great however you make it, but this Thai vegetable curry is warming, spicy and perfect to make in batches and freeze, ensuring you’re covered for a quick pick-me-up as we draw to the end of the winter months.

 Skinny Carrot Fries

 Skinny Carrot Fries

Get the kids to appreciate vegetables with these vegetable substitutes for skinny fries… carrot skinny fries! Just as tasty, but a lot healthier, this recipe will have the whole family going crazy for vegetables. Try the same recipe with parsnips, courgette or sweet potato for equally tasty and healthy snacks.

 Spiced Aubergine Bake 

Spice Aubergine Bake

This recipe is a mash-up between the traditional meaty dishes of lasagna and curry, with the structure of lasagna, and the flavours and spices of a tasty curry, which is sure to get your tastebuds talking!


So, whether you’re looking for a new hobby, have some time to kill, or would like to plan a healthy start to the year, consider planting your own vegetable garden  - a fun, interesting and nutritious new adventure for the whole family!

Take a look at our products online, or pop into store and speak to one of our friendly customer advisors, who are always on hand to help and assist with any queries you may have.

Happy gardening!


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