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4 Ideas to Revamp Your Garden Decking

Whether it be adding those extra storage solutions to being creative with your decking lighting, here are four creative ideas to revamp your garden decking environment.

1. Plants, Flowers and Bamboo

Using the decking and fencing, you can use climbing plants over a decking boarded area to create a private and secluded space that's really well-shaded from the sun. Your decking could be used to cover all weather conditions, creating the perfect place to relax. 

If you want to gain a more summery vibe, regardless of the weather, natural materials such as bamboo and other plants for furniture and accessories, while keeping colours muted can create a more sophisticated overall design.

Outdoor Decking with Plants

2. Storage Accessories

Why not treat your outdoor decking area just as you would an indoor room? Adding garden storage is a must to keep everything outdoors tidy, as well for displaying your best plants and herbs, which is also beneficial as it gives you fresh air!

If you add some lights, you’ve got the perfect practical look. As well, when adding lighting to the outdoors, you can become more creative with different colours and designed lights, especially if you’re gathering with friends and family in the evening.

Wooden Decking Panels

If you’re feeling creative and wanting to do some DIY, especially if you can’t find any storage solutions for your decking, you can create your own using timber boxes to place those extra items inside. 

When you’re creating your own storage, using reclaimed materials which not only help with your storage, but also help the environment.

Boxes come in a number of different material and sizes, which makes it easy to not only find one that fits with the décor of your decking but which will also fit into any spare space which you may have. 

3. Lighting

Whether it be for necessity, security or being creative, adding lighting to your decking will help regardless of the situation. 

If you illuminate your decking, it can help with increased safety and security. Especially if you’ve got steep outdoor steps allowing access to and from the deck, it is called for well-designed lighting to ensure safe walkways. 

For security, it is also important to make sure that other areas of the garden and decking are lit up. If you have an outdoor pool or outdoor cooking areas, making sure it is well lit up ensures the decrease of the risk of injury. 

Lighting for Decking

Whether it is incorporated into your decking or added as an external feature, adding LED lighting ensures that your outdoor areas, which surround your garden benches and tables, are well lit as well as making sure that your decking looks amazing!

Outdoor Lighting on Communal Table

4. Water Features

When you think about your decking, you might think about having a communal area for everyone to congregate and have a chat with friends and family, but it can be more than that!

As well as having outdoors areas, you can also create water features, such as a swimming pool or fountains which have decking as the finishing touches. 

When adding the style of the water feature or pond, you can also add plants and flowers, as well as the neat edging gives the garden a distinct look.

Water Feature on Decked Swimming Pool

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