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Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

We’ve noticed that in the past decade trends have repeated themselves in regards to everything; fashion, interior design, colour, food etc. In the 50s and 60s wood panelling was all the rage, but quickly fell out of fashion in later decades and was replaced with bright, vibrant coloured wallpaper. If you wanted a chic, modern home – wood was out and the colour was in! But like we said, trends repeat themselves – meaning wood panelling is back! Standing out to us is reclaimed sleepers, and people are finding creative ways to use sleepers in a variety of modern ways.

With countless ways to treat, cut, sand, and style reclaimed sleepers, the possibilities are endless! Here are some of our favourites:

Create sleek lines

Although creating sleek lines with sleepers would require a lot of cutting and sanding, the result, in the end, is honestly stunning. Giving you a log-cabin vibe, covering your walls and ceilings with sleepers instantly makes your home a more relaxed place to be.

Hillsborough Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

Create segmented spaces

Another way to incorporate modern wood into your home would be to just dedicate a small segment of a room to it. Whether it be a corner or a wall, adding wood anywhere in your home helps the space look way more modern!

Hillsborough Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

Three Dimensional

A more creative way to style your sleepers would be to try three-dimensional designs! Since modern aesthetics are veering towards creative geometry and 3D home features, this style easily fits with modern aesthetics.

But that’s not even the best bit! This idea is highly customisable. You could choose thick, long sleepers at different heights to create a 3D effect, or smaller bits of cut up sleepers in all different shapes, sizes and colours for a cool three-dimensional-collage effect!

Hillsborough Modern Ways to Use Sleepers

You can buy sleepers in a range of different options, treated or untreated, on M-Track!


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