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Creating Beautiful Boards for all Lawn Edges

A healthy lawn is the sign of a well-tended garden but there is one big thing that can ruin the aesthetics; untidy edges. A little extra care can resolve these problems in many cases fortunately. Simply use a pair of shears to cut the edge and ensure it is straight by using a length of timber and a spade to even it out.

If the above is not enough, or takes up too much time, you can invest in permanent borders. These will help to prevent the lawn from growing over and can also add an extra design touch to the space. You need to make sure you choose the right materials though.

Timber is one of the best options for lawn borders because it is natural, eco-friendly, and available in a wide array of different colours and styles. You can use timbers to edge lawns around paths, patios, flower beds, vegetable patches, children's play areas, and even ponds. They will clearly identify where the lawn ends and keep everything in place.

Railway sleepers could be a good option for lawn edging due to their size and durability. New ones are generally better than reclaimed if you want to keep the edges even and straight. Log roll is really popular because it is rounded and looks great. With individual rolls, borders can be straight or curved.

When you choose timber for edging you want to make sure you consider maintenance if you want to enjoy the aesthetics for the long term. Keep in mind that the materials will be exposed to a lot of moisture. Therefore they should have been specially treated to protect against wearing.

Hillsborough Fencing provides a wide array of timber garden products, ensuring that every single one is the highest possible quality. We have plenty of options if you are looking for edging for your lawn, including railway sleepers and different styles of timber. One of the best options we have though is our log roll. They are rounded to enhance the aesthetics and have a stake on one end for easy installation.

With our fantastic products you won't ever have to worry about the edges of your lawn again; they will remain exact and won't require a great deal of upkeep. You can explore all of our products on our website to get an idea of which would be best for your edging needs.

Alternatively, you can contact us for advice and recommendations.

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