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Lattice Fencing Ideas

If you are looking for a classic, appealing, and easy option for fencing, lattice fencing is your best bet. Lattice fencing is most often found in gardens and patios but can be used almost anywhere.

Being a classic style of fencing, Lattice fencing has many different uses. You can use a lattice fence in a number of different ways, depending on your needs and space. The versatility and aesthetically pleasing nature of the wooden lattice makes it a favourite for gardens, fences, and patios alike.

Before we get to the ideas of what you can do with lattice fencing, what are the pros and cons?



With the comparison of other fencing types, Lattice fencing is one of the most affordable fencing types. Lattice fencing can be installed for about half of the cost of other wood, metal, or vinyl fences.



Around your home, whether you just have fields or trees with not the most pleasant views, you can use your lattice fencing. This is because lattice fencing is great for adding design towards unpleasing views and making your property look more gorgeous.

In the warmer weeks of the year, if you enjoy spending that extra bit of time outdoors in the garden, with your lattice fencing, you can also ensure that you are well protected from the sun with that extra bit of shade.

This is more low-cost than using a roof with all the inherent benefits that the roofing material provides. Lattice ensures protection against harsh sunlight while maintaining good air circulation.


Garden Fencing with Lattice



As mentioned in the positives, the lattice fencing is good to provide some concealment to provide some design element to your garden, but with that design comes flaws. 

With the lattice fencing, they are not really good as complete privacy screens. Lattice fences have holes, which means if your fencing is on a street or a road, with people passing, people passing which don’t provide complete privacy in your yard.

As with most fencing and garden materials, to ensure the best quality and longevity of your fencing, your lattice fencing will require great maintenance. 

With the fencing, it is important to check the lattice fence for signs of rot, damage or mildew which can reduce the durability of the lattice. With the fencing, in case it breaks, there is a possibility of you needing to replace the different sections of the fencing.

Lattice Fencing Ideas

Garden Separation

Especially if you’ve got a smaller garden, you may seem that you’re a bit too close to your neighbours. 

With the lattice fencing, you can create a sense of separation from the neighbours can be achieved by closing off your outdoor space with a trellis fence to create a more intimate atmosphere. 

When choosing lattice fencing panels, ensure that they have a tighter patterns and add climbing perennial vines for even more privacy.


Lattice Top Fencing


Garden Backdrop

Throughout your garden, besides providing privacy and creating a smooth transition from one outdoor space to another, trellises can also act as a background or support for plants.

In your garden with the colourful flowering vines or blooming shrubs as well as an array of flowers and plants in your garden, they are perfect for pairing with garden trellis designs to brighten up your home.

As well as creating the backdrops for your garden, you can also use the background as separations to create partitions around your garden. This will enable you to create different areas for different activities in your garden, especially if you have a smaller garden.

Lattice Fencing

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