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Landscaping vs Gardening: What's the difference?

Whether you are landscaping or gardening, both involve creating and maintaining your outdoors. 

Here are the differences, including the pros and cons of landscaping and gardening.



With the definition of landscaping being ‘the design and construction of gardens and outdoor areas’, there are pros and cons of landscaping.

For landscaping, one of the biggest benefits is the positive environmental impact as the grass plays an important role in capturing smoke and dust including other pollutants, and it helps to increase the production of oxygen - which is a huge bonus!

Especially for psychological benefits, when people are outdoors near plants or flowers, studies show there is stress relief, as well as workers being more productive when they are near flowers and nature outdoors.


With the pros, there has to be a range of negatives. The main negative of landscaping is the time and effort which is needed to perfect landscaping. To make sure you maintain all the benefits, caring for your plants and garden requires weeding, managing insects and fertilizing.

Even though the pros outweigh the cons, there are a few costs which coincide with landscaping. If you are choosing to get a professional to do the work for you or if you are doing it yourself, there are costs for the materials.

Gardening Equipment



Whether in or outdoors, the process of gardening is ‘the practice of growing plants outdoors or indoors’.

Similar to landscaping, gardening has a lot of benefits for your mind and body but the difference between the landscaping and gardening is that you can do it regardless of the weather. From greenhouses to outdoor planters, there are many spaces where you can plant your flowers and even different foods.


Although the pros outweigh the cons, the price when starting out is negative, over time the price will decrease as you can grow your own foods which can save you money and can also become an enjoyable task to do with your friends and family.

If you choose to do your gardening outside, you can also border off your garden beds with wood to create fencing. This will increase the chances of your plants being protected and, if you choose, you can be creative and paint your fencing.

Growing Foods

As mentioned above, the price of gardening can be fairly high when starting out, this is one of the negatives of planting in your garden. When you initially create your garden, the potential costs may include a  shovel, rake, hoe and edging material as well as other equipment you may need.


So, What’s The Difference?

To conclude, there are pros and cons for each of the activities when landscaping and gardening. You might have also noticed that there are a few similarities between the two, so what are the differences?

The main difference is that gardening is an activity which can be conducted regardless of the weather, inside or outdoors in greenhouses, whereas landscaping is mainly for the outdoors.


Another difference between the two is that gardeners mainly focus on the planting and growing the plants including the tasks which coincide. Whereas landscapers focus on the whole garden and plants are a smaller section of their task and are apart of the bigger project.

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