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Keeping Chickens

They are a baker’s delight, a full-English lovers heaven and a great alternative family pet.

Keeping chickens is a wonderful way to have a constant source of fresh eggs. Not long ago, it was only popular among homeowners in rural parts of the country to own a small flock of chickens to produce eggs and the occasional chicken dinner. However, outbreaks of salmonella caused the number of these owners to decline, as a result, the price of eggs increased due to supply and demand.

Over the last few years, the number of homeowners keeping chickens has risen and more and more people are showing interest in sourcing their eggs from their own garden – as a bonus they are producing free-range organic eggs (and chickens).

Eges in a basket

Another great advantages of keeping chickens are that they are productive pets that don't require much maintenance, how many other pets can you say that for? Cleaning out the coops and feeding them on a daily basis is about as strenuous as it will get when taking care of your chickens, which sounds like a dream for most other pet owners.

As well as producing food for your household, keeping chickens is great if you have a family. Children love animals, and the process of hatching an egg, incubating them and raising a chick is amazing for your children see. It will teach your children basic skills of responsibility, as well as making them want to help when taking care of the chickens, teaching them to be helpful and bringing a unique way to bond with the family.

Little Chickens

However, when taking care of chickens there are a few problems and responsibilities to be aware of too. You must make sure you lock your chickens securely in their coop to protect them from predators like foxes, or vermin like rats looking for leftover food. Making sure your chickens are in a secure, enclosed coop is easy and at Hillsborough, we have the perfect coop to ensure your chicken's rest peacefully at night. This coop is perfectly designed to make cleaning a breeze; it also features a raised enclosure to help keep the chickens off the cold ground during the winter. So, why not take home a great investment for your garden and family today?

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