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5 Ideas For Using Sleepers

With sleepers, there are so many great ways to use them to improve your garden’s aesthetics.

With the benefits of which sleepers such as highly resistant to decay, weather and rain, maintains colour, and can last for many years untreated, this is why the sleepers are perfect for your garden.

Read more to see 5 ideas for using sleepers in your garden.


Raised Planters

For around your plants, flowers and any foods you may be growing, laying oak sleepers vertical or horizontal you can attractively create raised beds, planters or borders for your garden. 

In your garden, adding raised planters to your garden will highlight a specific area, creating a beautiful planter that can be contrasted to the rest of the yard.

Raised Planters using Sleepers in the Garden

For your raised planters, you can use softwood or hardwood railway sleepers to make raised beds for the plants, flowers and other greenery in your garden. 

They will not only look great and unique, but they are also very simple to build and putting together with a range of sleepers. Depending on the size of the sleepers you use to build your raised beds, they can also double up as seating areas around the garden - which is always a bonus!

Garden Edges

When designing and decorating your garden, you can use sleepers to create edging around your garden. 

For the grass edges, single sleepers set low into the ground act as a clear and formal border between the garden and the pathing throughout your garden. Sleepers can be used in a formal setting, to recreate the perfect look is to choose a wood that tones in with the overall colour scheme of the garden.

Sleepers in Garden

Whether it is a flower bed, your grass in the garden or patio, you can use sleepers to formal beautiful border throughout your garden. When creating edging in your garden, oak sleepers are great for edging your garden because they are robust and durable - which is always a bonus!

As they can be used in a single height or be used in a stacked formation to create form walls or dividers, sleepers are ideal for forming garden edgings. Giving a contemporary look to your garden and outdoor space, using sleepers for garden edges can help to clearly define the different areas of the garden.

Garden Edges using Sleepers

DIY Garden Furniture

Have you ever tried building your own garden furniture? Have you tried building garden furniture using sleepers? Due to the sleepers’ durability and longevity of the material, it is a perfectly simple but attractive piece for garden furniture.

Railway sleepers can be utilised to create some very simple, but unique pieces of garden furniture - regardless of the size of your garden. Benches are one of the most simple, but useful, structures that can be built using sleepers.


For a unique section in your garden, you can create a desking to create a unique, relaxing space. So, why not use sleepers to create your decking?

Whether it for dinner parties, a friendly get together or add extra design to your garden, garden deckings provide a wonderful environment for your garden.

Making an amazing substitute for concrete or stone slabs, even though they have their benefits, you can use sleepers that look stunning used as decking surfaces.

Reclaimed Sleeper Decking

Railway sleepers are an easy form of decking, especially because they are easy to lay flat side-by-side and attach together for sturdy and stable decking.

Cutting sleepers to different sizes can create some quite interesting, and unique, decking effects, such as smaller blocks of end pieces creating a more recurring and built-up pattern - which means your pieces will be distinctive.

In your garden, when creating decking, you can use railway sleepers as steps as well, whether as a matching part of your decking or in another raised part of the garden.

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