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How To Store Kindling Safely

Kindling is essential for starting fires. It burns much easier than logs and can be packed around them to get the fire going. The reason it is so good is that it is not as dense and generally has less moisture content than logs. As a result, it will burn faster and will eventually ignite the logs.

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It is always good to have a supply of kindling in stock for when you need it. To ensure it is ready to use though it needs to be stored correctly. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a storage option.

The first and most important thing to do is limit exposure to moisture. Like any materials used to start fire, the drier they are the better they burn. High-quality kindling has generally been given plenty of time to dry out and lower the moisture content. This means it will burn more efficiently, generate less smoke, and won't produce as much tar either.

When storing the fuel you need to make sure the moisture content doesn't rise again. This means keeping it away from all forms of water including rain, snow, ice, and even steam. Whether stored indoors or outside make sure it is properly covered and protected.

The second thing to consider is fire protection. The fact the fuel is designed to ignite quickly is good when you are lighting fires but it is a major hazard if you leave it exposed to sparks, embers, or a lot of heat. As a result, you should never leave a pile close to open fire, a heat source, or an electrical outlet.

Finally, you need to ensure that the kindling does not attract pests. A pile of it can create a warm, dry place for rats, mice, and other invasive creatures. Many of these will also enjoy chewing on it. To prevent these problems, never stack the kindling close to a wall and make sure it is properly covered. If possible keep it elevated off the floor so pests can't access it.

Luckily there are plenty of storage options available for kindling and logs too. Special bins for them come in various shapes and sizes, from small ceramic crocks designed for in the house to large plastic or metal bins that can hold a huge amount of fuel. You need to decide which is best for your needs and must place it in the right location.

The larger the stock of fuel you need to keep the more care will be needed to store it safely. Consider a bin that can fit safely in a shed or garage. Make sure that it is durable and won't allow pests to get to the materials inside. This means you need a storage bin with a good lid.

Hillsborough Fencing stocks high-quality kindling that has been kiln dried to ensure the moisture content is around 22%. The bags are cost-effective and are around 3.5kg each. We can cater for orders of various sizes and strive to provide fast delivery all across the UK. In addition, we offer advice and support like the above so you can store and use the fuel safely.

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