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Some Wonderful Ideas for Activities to get Kids Outside

At Hillsborough Fencing we believe the summer holidays are a time for adventures, particularly for young children. Our range of children's garden furniture can help but there are plenty of other activities to get kids outside too. Here are a few of our favourites.

Collect and craft

Nature is full of wonderful things to collect that you can then use for crafts. Whether you are visiting the seaside to gather shells or woodland to look for leaves and sticks, everything you bring back can be used. Try painting the shells or making photo frames with sticks.

Slip 'n Slide

This is a classic summer game that offers hours of fun. You can purchase one or make your own with some plastic sheeting. Simply wet it and people are ready to slide. You could incorporate a pool and other toys in to make it extra fun. Try setting up on a slight slope so people can pick up speed too; just remember to ensure a safe landing.

Go hiking


It is surprising how much great scenery many people live close to but never experience. A summer hike can be a fantastic experience for young children, giving them the chance to see wildlife, look for different plants and flowers, and get some exercise. Why not see who can reach the top of the largest hill first. 

Head to a local pond

Summer is a great time to visit the pond to look at ducks and fish. You can even bring along some food so the kids can feed them. Some ponds allow fishing so you can take rods and a packed lunch and spend some relaxing time.

Get the chalk out

Arm your children with chalk and the driveway and pavements become blank canvases for them to draw on. Give them different colours and the chance for creativity is endless. In addition cleaning up should be easy.

Wash the car

Car wash

Although it is technically a household chore, it can quickly become a lot of fun when the hose and bubbles are out. Don't be afraid to get wet or for it to turn into a full blown water fight.


Children love being able to create their own tie-dyed clothes. In summer you can get the dye out, fill a bucket, and give children a selection of white clothes and elastic bands. They can have fun and enjoy the excellent results. Set up outside and enjoy the weather whilst minimising the risk of mess in the house.

Water balloons

What could be better on a hot summer day than a water fight complete with balloons? It'll get people outside and help them to cool down. There will be plenty of laughs and lots of colour too.

Create an obstacle course

Your garden could be the perfect setting to create your own fun obstacle course for children. Take ropes, tubes, beams, and other items to get the kids running, jumping, crawling, climbing, and having a great time.

A day at the beach


Summer is made for sunny beach days. There is plenty to do by the seaside, from building sandcastles to searching rock pools, swimming (only where it is safe or course) and beach sports.

Plant the garden

Gardening is another chore that can be very fun for children. After-all you give them the chance to dig, plant flowers, and otherwise get messy. Not only will it be fun and educational, the results will make your home look better.


With long days and warmer nights summer is the perfect time to camp out. Whether it is just in the back garden or taking a trip to a formal campsite, it is an adventure children will love.


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