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Garden Meditation

Welcome to an area of peace, serenity and calm…

Take a deep breath in through the nose and slowly exhale, clear your mind and repeat. Take a few moments to centre yourself and calm your mind.

Feeling better? Now imagine being able to do this whenever you chose to, with your very own tranquil escape – less than a few feet away from your home? This dream can easily become a reality very soon!

Meditation has become more and more popular recently, as we become increasingly aware of the importance of mental health and the care we should take of ourselves not just physically but mentally too. This notion has been even more highlighted with celebrities finally openly talking about the stresses they experience daily and how they combat this. Creating a more positive mental attitude is something everyone should prioritise – a simple thing like taking 5 minutes alone to breathe and away from our screens can make a huge difference.

You don’t have to travel far to find your own slice of tranquillity, transform your garden into a peaceful haven or just a section would work too. For centuries many cultures have harnessed the benefits of having a tranquil outdoor space, the Japanese have used sand raked into patterns and used randomly placed rocks to represent islands amongst the raked “waves” of the sand. Japanese gardens tend to be smaller in size than our British gardens, so this idea is perfect if you only want to section off a little part of your garden.

Arabian gardens tend to be in sections, with each section meeting in the middle, where there is typically a water feature. These gardens tend to have high walls surrounding them, so the views of the homeowner are inwards and not out, helping to make this space to become an area for self-contemplation.

Creating your own quiet space is easy; if you don’t fancy overhauling the entire garden, choose an area that isn’t overlooked by your neighbours and away from any kiddies space and your entertaining space such as a BBQ patio.

If you can’t use nature’s partitions like a hedging put up a trellis with some climbing plants and over time you can achieve that sense of privacy. To help make your meditation or “me time” a little more comfortable add a seat; make your own little bench using our railway sleepers.

Try to surround yourself with plenty of greenery and flowers, but try to limit your colour palette or stick to peaceful pastel colours – by doing this it allows your mind concentrate and become less distracted.

An idea we have fallen in love with is converting a traditional garden shed into a small urban sanctuary – this can then be used whatever the weather.

However, if you decide to create your Meditation Garden of Peace head over to Hillsborough Fencing for inspiration.


Wishing you happy meditation…!

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