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Top 4 Garden Landscaping Ideas

Whether you’re redesigning or adding extras to your garden through landscaping, it can be an exciting change to your home. Maybe you’re wanting to add that additional bit of privacy to your garden? Or add a creative walkway to create different areas in your garden? 

Garden landscaping is a creative way to add that extra bit of creativity to your garden, as well as being able to design it exactly the way you want it.

But, which elements are considered when planning your landscaping? So, where do you start? Read on to see 4 garden landscaping ideas that are perfect to be included in your garden.



Which elements can be considered when planning your landscaping?

When you’re designing your garden for your garden landscaping, there are specific elements that can be used:

  • Walls and boundaries

  • Hedges and fences

  • Paths and patios

  • Lawns

  • Water features

  • Planting: trees, shrubs, pots

Once you have decided which elements you are going to add to your garden, the next step is to consider the amount of space you have to work with. Look at the size and shape and take into consideration as well as the style of your house to decide the frame and the surrounding areas. 

When deciding about your garden landscaping, achieving balance is a strong aspect of good garden design; pay equal attention to all areas and remember that plants and shrubs will change size and shape throughout the seasons - these are important aspects to take into consideration when landscaping. 

When taking into consideration all the factors for your garden, there can be many ideas going around in your head, so here are 5 garden landscaping ideas:


Paths and Pavements

Whether it’s partitioning your garden or wanting to be creative when walking around your garden, the trend for creating zones around your garden is increasingly popular, meaning the need for having a garden path is great. A pavement and path that unites, as well as integrates, the different areas are not only highly practical, it can also be visually appealing. Without a pathway, you’ll soon find that you tread yourself a walkway throughout the lawn – which has the ability to ruin all your hard work with the overall garden aesthetic.

When choosing the paths and pavements of your garden, one of the elements to take into consideration is the texture and look of your garden which can be easily integrated throughout the style of your home which is always a benefit because it can ensure that your pathways complement the garden you are creating.

As well as the textures, ensuring that the materials which you use when creating the pathway is important, this way it can ensure that the pathways are practical and can be easily maintained for your outdoor space.


Plants and Flowers

When decorating your landscaping for your garden an important factor is the plants, flowers and the extra greenery. For your garden, the best designs start with flowering plants and the other sections of greenery for the extra style - which is always a bonus! 

Once you have this frame of your garden and decided on the other areas of your landscaped garden, fill the gaps with flowering plants.

Around your garden, you can place timber planters, which encompasses the plants and flowers which can be placed around your garden. When adding greenery to your garden, this can also add to the design element of your garden.

Garden Planters


Garden Privacy

In your garden, whether it is fencing, hedging or other accessories to be placed around your outdoor space, ensuring that you have the optimal amount of privacy in your garden is crucial.

In terms of space in your garden, when you want to relax in the evenings or create the perfect spot for entertaining, privacy in your garden can be crucial.

For your garden, when choosing the fencing for your garden, privacy is a factor to take into consideration. No garden is complete without some of our traditional, simplistically styled paling panels, whether that is singular or double-sided paling panels.

Whether you’re creating a secluded outdoor area for you and the family or trying to prevent a mischievous pet from running riot, these panels do exactly what they’re meant to, all you have to do is choose a style!

Garden Privacy Panels

Garden Boundaries

If you have a smaller garden and if you have walls, fences or hedges around your garden, they might be the biggest element which is in your view around your outdoor space. With your garden boundaries, such as fencing or hedging, it doesn’t all have to be the same but try to provide visual links between them.

When choosing the garden boundaries, the materials you choose are crucial too. Timber posts, for example, don't have to be confined to just fencing. To keep it consistent throughout your garden, if you choose timber, it can also be carefully positioned within your garden, so it can be used to frame plants or seating areas and add extra interest to borders or paths.

Arched Horizontal Fence Panels

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