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How to make your Fence Last

Do you have a fence? Then we have some great news for you! You are in the perfect situation to keep your fences looking their best. 

We’ve got 5 ways that will help you maintain your fences and ensure they stay in good shape for many more years.


Stain, Stain, Stain!

The worst thing you could do to your fence is painted it. If you were to paint you would trap moisture over time and this promotes rot. Stain the framing, stain any notches or cuts and stain the fence boards. Every part of your fence should be stained if not your fence will soon need replacing.

An exterior decking stain will bring out the natural colour and grain of the wood. This will seal and protect from moisture and sunlight. It is important that once you have stained your fence to check it over for lighter spots. These are areas of stain which are thinner and will be exposed by natural weather over time. That's why every 3-5 years you should re-stain your fence.

 Painting Fencing

Yet if you have recently installed your fence it takes about a year before staining. This allows time for the wood and chemicals used for pressure treating it to dry out. If the fence isn’t dry, you’ll just end up sealing moisture in, which can lead to rot and decay. Staining is the most important factor to help make your fence last longer.


Clean and Repair Each Year

Once a year, take a walk around your yard and inspect your fence for signs of damage or rot. Replace broken boards, hammer in loose nails or tighten screws. Check each section of the fence to make sure it’s securely attached to the next one. If any sections of the fence are leaning, make sure the posts are firmly in the ground.

A lack of care in this area can lead to debris accumulating over time. Which will eventually cause damage to the posts themselves. As they are unable to withstand the constant pressure from all that weight. Fences can hold weight but not for long periods.  so branches from trees and bushes will wear away the fence over time. which will eventually cause rotting to the wood and the need for replacing.

A strong Fence needs a strong frame

If you want your fence to last a long time making sure you use the correct materials. Installing it correctly is very important. The materials of your fence will determine how long it lasts. Many timber products are prone to wear issues offering a cheap, short-term solution, which is why composite fencing is becoming increasingly popular as it can last over 25 years

When installing the frame for your fence many homeowners choose concrete. Surprisingly, concrete offers similar unreliability to a wooden fence. With excessive wind and rain, concrete can crack. This leaves your fence exposed to the elements.

 Row of Houses


An extremely reliable solution for fence posts is galvanized steel. Which offers fantastic resilience to traditional fencing. It is Immune to rotting, splitting, warping, and cracking and can face winds up to 110mph.


Neighbour Coordination

It is worth remembering that a fence has two sides. If your fence borders the boundary line of a neighbour’s property you need to ensure that both sides of the fence are addressed. Depending on the relationship with your neighbour you may have easy access to the back of your fence.

By coordinating with your neighbour it can mean that they notify you of any issues with the other side of your fence. This early notification can prevent those small issues from escalating. Remember that if you are to stain your fence ask your neighbour to stain their side or ask if you can as it's important to cover the whole fence.


Garden Organization

There may be some garden features that could pose a problem to your fence. Things such as balls and other sporting equipment can cause a lot of damage to panelled fencing. This is worth thinking about before playing sports in your garden. 

While your fence will get wet regardless of what you do, we can protect it. Face sprinklers away from the fence, feeding your grass instead of damaging the fence. Excess water will increase the likelihood of your fence rotting.

Browse our range of fencing online. Along with our protective materials and accessories to keep your investments strong and good as new. Better yet, pop into the store, where our friendly customer assistants will be on hand to help you with any inquiries. We will provide you with sound advice to make the most out of your purchase from Hillsborough Fencing.


Happy Gardening!

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